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Valentine’s Day Gifts, February Specials w/ Air Force Amy


Air Force Amy – February – Valentine’s Day – Be Mine Specials

1.  I will add 30 minutes, free of charge, to any hour that you purchase or reserve in the month of February 2018.

2. Get him or her the prefect Valentine’s day gift!  Book and redeem a couple’s Valentine party with me during the month of February and the recipient will be free of charge.  Essentially Buy, One Get One Free!!

I will also add my romantic “Valentine’s Day – Platinum Romance Package” to any booking during the month of February which includes and is not limited to:

Complimentary Limousine Service.  Free Champagne.  Complimentary Food, Lodging and Drinks on the Bunnyranch Property.  A $50 to $100. gift certificate to use in any of the Bunnyranch gift shops or NV 50 restaurant.

1-2 Dozen Red Roses, Rose Petals, Chocolates, Candle light, Soft music and on top of everything else that sets me apart from the rest and makes a party with me, the party of a lifetime!

Go ahead, let me take care of all your Valentine’s Day needs AND take care of you too!  Go ahead, add some romance to your life in the month of February!






Within reason & given that a “no rules/no restrictions party” is purchased as part of the deal. MY couples parties are generally always “Buy one get one Free”. Two for the Price of One”, “The Lady is Always Free” with me. My point is that I do not charge twice as much for your party even though there are two of you!

Here is some more information about my couples parties;

Dear Ladies,

Please know that I completely dig other women and In am especially in tuned to a “first-timers” apprehensions and sensitivities.

I know how romantic we all are at heart and I am completely aware how “monumental’ such an experience is, but I can put such a spin into it that no one feels pressured.

You’ll never feel like “Gee, I can’t screw this up’ or “I’m so ashamed of my body” etc….  To be honest with you, I am probably just as nervous as you, UNTIL we actually meet and realize we really had absolutely NOTHING to be worried about.  Thank Goodness!  Whew!  What a relief!

You can expect no pressure to perform in any way. I’ll be completely at your service. I’ll appreciate you as a woman and the sexual Goddess you are, if not only for the reason you had the guts to “go through with it”.

The lady lays down the rules. Sometimes it’s an “Anything goes- complete all on – get it on- three ways!” Woo-hoo!!

Maybe the lady just wants to experience another woman with or without reciprocation and the man is “off limits”.

Often times I’m asked to show a particular technique be demonstrated on one or both of the partners.

Sometimes what you thought you would be OK with kind of strikes a nerve–I’ll pick up on that and change direction and everything’s’ still real cool.

Sometimes I get a couple of “ringers” and we go at it like mad, and knock each other’s socks off until we are all useless for the next two days!

I’ve been known to host couples for an entire weekend. 

I recommend activities, dining, sight seeing, shopping, golf, resorts, hotels, casinos – the works. Some times I accompany and play hostess and travel guide all the while we all have our own major “behinds closed doors” secret just between us. Tee hee.

One thing I do know for sure is that, no matter what, you will leave feeling sexier than ever–fully confident, proud and with a renewed passion for your sex life–and no one has to know how you did it, and you don’t owe me anything once you leave.

There are no strings attached unless you want them. If you do, then I am glad to stay in touch with my new “Bedroom buddies”. It’s kind of really cool for you to have someone you can actually discuss your sex life with no judgment on my part at all.

It only stands to reason I would charge twice as much for two people; however, that doesn’t seem to be the case with me. For some reason, I feel uncomfortable negotiating strongly with women so what I’ve been doing is charging the man for a “no rules/no restrictions” party while the woman is free.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. May “The Force”, Air Force Amy, “Be with you Soon”!


Air Force Amy IS the Paragon of Integrity! Part 1.

I am the first to admit I work alongside some of the most beautiful and most lovely women in the world. So how do you choose the right gal for you? There are so many ladies to choose from. Photos can be altered and any words can be written by anyone for any reason. Videos can be rehearsed, enhanced and edited. Continue reading