Air Force Amy is best known as an American legal prostitute with an impressive career spanning decades in the Nevada legal brothels. She is an icon in this arena and she championed many causes and initiated many changes and took the industry from guilt and shame to glamour and fame.

MSNBC has called her “A living legend in the world of sex.” She starred in HBO’s popular documentary series Cathouse from 2003–2018, about Nevada’s Moonlite BunnyRanch. As the most publicized, highly acclaimed, and accomplished legal luxury courtesan of the modern era, Air Force Amy is considered the All-Time Top Earner and the Master of the Game in her profession. She is listed in Wikipedia as one of the most famous prostitutes in history.

She is also a clinical sexologist, love & relationship expert and sex therapist.  She is an author, blogger and now an aspiring YouTube sensation and influencer so be sure to subscribe to all her social media.

She is a glamour model, an adult model, a reality TV performer, and a highly decorated veteran of the United States Air Force. She has a Doctorate degree in Education, specializing in Human Sexuality, an AA degree in Sex Education and Criminal Justice, and a certificate in Clinical Sexology. She is a former faculty member at the Institute for Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. While a member of the USAF, she won numerous awards to include the John Levitow Award, the highest academic award achievable in the Air Force.

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Air Force Amy is a much-loved personality across all forms of media, regularly in-demand for her intelligent, insightful, and often amusing views on her industry, sex, love, and relationships. Amy has appeared on a wide variety of TV and radio talk shows, and has written sex and relationship columns for Strip LV Magazine and ANE Weekly..

Television Appearances

  • FOX News, Jesse Watters Prime Time, 2023
  • Lorena – Amazon Prime 2019
  • Cathouse – HBO 2005-2014
  • Best of Real Sex – HBO
  • Sexcetera – The Playboy Channel
  • Realitini Awards Show – Fox Reality
  • No Good TV
  • “Xmas Carolla Show” with Adam Carolla
  • The Daily Show
  • Insomniac with Dave Attell – Comedy Central
  • The Man Show (girl jumping on trampolines 2x) – Comedy Central
  • Nightline – ABC News
  • The Live Desk Show with Martha McCallum – Fox News
  • Hannity’s America with Sean Hannity – Fox News
  • The Tyra Banks Show
  • Free Sex for the Military with Rita Cosby
  • Proof Positive – Sci-Fi Channel (a room at The BunnyRanch was haunted, but not really)
  • Jenny Jones (nominated as one of the Most Outrageous Guests of the Year)
  • Ricki Lake
  • Talk Soup (appeared 4 times and was voted Best of the Year, 2007)
  • The Ananda Lewis Show (pretended to have a deadbeat baby daddy)
  • Bob Berkowitz
  • Pornstars and their Pets – USA Network
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro
  • The Surreal World – Warner Bros Network
  • TMZ

Radio Appearances

  • Howard Stern (multiple times)
  • “Night Calls,” Playboy Radio
  • Drew Radio Show
  • The Mancow Radio Show
  • The Lex & Terry Radio Show
  • The Sean Green Show

Magazine Appearances

  • StripLV March 2024, April 2024
  • GlamourGirl, Las Vegas Sep 2018, 2023
  • The New Yorker, 2018
  • “Men’s World,” Penthouse Forum, April 2014 (cover girl)
  • Penthouse Magazine, March 2014
  • Hustler, March 2008
  • Strip LV Magazine, January, February, March 2007
  • Playboy Magazine, January 2006
  • Gent, May 2004, August 2003
  • Cheri, November 2003, January 2004
  • Vice Magazine, September 2003
  • Over 40, May 2003 (cover girl)
  • Arena, May 2003
  • Hustler Hometown Girls, May 2002
  • Hustler’s Busty-Summer Spectacular, 2002
  • Maxim (German edition), January 2002
  • Spectator, June 2001 (cover girl)
  • Bordello Confidential, Issues 1, 2, and 3
  • Adult Video News, April 2002 (cover girl)
  • New Yorker (Money edition), April 2001
  • Marie Claire, January 2001
  • Gent, Winter Extravaganza, 2001


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