I am flexible on rates, especially for longer bookings!

I certainly understand and appreciate your desire and need to know prices prior to making any type of commitment to come see me. I, myself, would be very skeptikal of doing anything without knowing prices first.  I truly feel your pain.  However, legal prostitution is only available in very limited areas of Nevada and no where else in the United States.  The privileged licenses come with many regulations and ordinances designed for the protection and safety of all concerned.  One of the laws is that I cannot quote prices anywhere outside my room at a licensed legal brothel.  The same holds true for any other legal provider in Nevada.  If you do somehow get a quote from another provider, I can pretty much assure you that it is a “bait and switch” tactic and highly against the law.

I know this may all sound crazy, but I really am not allowed to legally give you prices anywhere except inside my room (not even in the parlor) of a licensed legal brothel in Nevada. Since we are the only state in the union to legally offer such unique services, we are very heavily regulated and one of the laws is that I can’t quote prices outside my room as it is considered soliciting and no one else (i.e. phone persons at the Bunnyranch, my coworkers or any Bunnyranch staff member) can give prices for me as that is considered “pimping and pandering”.

I can tell you that I can just about always get you everything you want at a price you can afford. Quickies are three figures, hours are four figures and really don’t do quickies. I am very flexible on rates, especially for longer bookings!

I don’t charge more than the other ladies because I am famous, nor do I charge more for all the skills and natural talent I’ve developed throughout the years.  You can read more about what sets me apart from any other provider in the Legal Brothel Indsutry in Nevada – and in the world for that matter – Here.  All those are just freebie add ons and bonuses for your making the wise choice to see me instead of anyone else.

My prices are very fair, reasonable and affordable.  I always give you more than what you paid for and I never rush or judge you.  I always make it very well worth your while to come see me at price that you can afford and make you so happy that you want to come back and see me again and again and again.

I’m very relaxed in my time and my prices.  I have nothing to prove by making the most money.  I’m in a league by myself and I can call a lot of shots that many of the other ladies aren’t willing to or don’t see the value in doing.  Also, my repuation among management allows me many more freedoms with time and activity constraints as well.

Also, just so you know, I personally feel that “pricing”  is really such a personal matter.  I put my true emotions into every session and am very intuitive, flexible and accommodating.  My prices fluctuate and I even have a bleeding heart and cater to hard luck cases too.  So it really is to your advantage and just better to talk to me about prices face to face, because you’ll just always get a much better deal with me that way.

I don’t even really like to give “guesstimates” because every person and every party is different.  I’d hate to scare you off with a price that I hope for, nor would I feel comfortable settling for the least I can get without even seeing or talking to you and not being happy and not being able to give you the best experience that I can.

I value your business, I value your interest, I value your desire to know prices.  Trust me when I tell you “it’s better to just come see me face to face”.  I’m really quite a push over – I fall for any “hard luck” story.  I am boy crazy and I like to take my time with you and practice my trade in being a true mistress and  courtesan extraordinaire and not just a sex worker providing a vessel for meaningless sex.

So, how exactly, is one to get around the law of my not being allowed to quote you prices?

How will you ever know how much to save or how much to bring?

Here is a simple solution that works fairly well.

You can give me the maximum price you can afford and the amount of time you prefer and then

I can tell you whether or not you are in the ball park.

You can do so here and then we can continue to correspond until we come to a preliminary agreement that works out best for you.

We don’t have set prices, the ranch cannot set prices for us, but we are expected to maintain a certain Ranch standard of prices per time and activity and the ranch does get 50% of everything you give me and then some.

So, please remember that one half of what you spend has nothing to do with sex, it just goes to the house and what you get with that is many guarantees.  If you go looking for sex from a stranger a lot of bad things can happen to you that won’t happen here:  there’s no one under the bed going to steal your wallet, no one is outside the door going to knock you over the head, the police aren’t going to come raid the place, your name is not going in the paper, your car is not getting confiscated and you are not going to get ripped off. I will give you  everything you negotiate for and more, I promise. You have a system for complaints here whereas you do not in an illegal situation.

Plus, we’re tested once a week for five different STD’s plus Chlamydia.  Chlamydia is a symptomless disease that if you take home to your wife and it goes un-noticed she will be unable to bear children and you’ll be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars wondering why she can’t get pregnant.   We’re also tested for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis A,B & C and we even submit to the same testing for our anal cavities if we offer that sort of service (which I do).

It’s more difficult for us to obtain a sheriff’s card than it is to become a sheriff. We can’t have any felonies or have committed any crimes related to drugs, theft, weapons or prostitution.

We have been in business with no complaints for over 35 years.  I make a great deal of sacrifices and everything you see here in my room and on my body and all the amenities I provide for you are my own overhead. Plus, I’m the best sex you will ever have, I’m going to take real good care of you,I promise.  I’m not going to rush you.  I want to make you very happy so that come back to see me again and again. I promise!

Also, you are not restricted to cash, you can use your credit card with no surcharges and very discreet billing.  You are charged by our  dsicreet umbrella company. Neither your billing statement nor your receipt will say you were at brothel or what type services you purchased.  No one will know you were at a brothel.

Plus, I am the best sex you will ever have and your best choice, hands down, no doubt about it. Read my reviews!  You have nothing to worry about honey. Come on honey. The more you pay, the more you play!

Use a credit card or a combination of credit cards if you have to.  If you don’t have enough credit cards I highly suggest applying for any of the major airline credit cards or Amazon.com. Just go their websites and click on apply for a credit card. You’ll get an immediate answer. It’s real easy and the government is monitoring and making sure these companies don’t rip you off any longer! C’mon honey. Go for it! Let’s have some fun!!!!