These links will take you to my reviews and real-life Bunnyranch reports from customers and their experiences with me! Every single friend & lover below truly outshines what they wrote on me and every single moment is a shining memory I shall treasure forever.  Thank you for taking the time to read these and a big, big, big, thank you to all that wrote them!

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Every single moment below and many more are shining memories I shall treasure forever.
Thank you for taking the time to read these and a big, big big, thank you to all that wrote them!
I think my average is that I can get around one out of 5-10 clients to take the time to become members of the message board and then post a review. Not an easy task and quite daunting for most folks just looking for a no strings attached kind of experience. So please don’t think that every single client writes reports on every single gal.  It is quite my honor to have someone actually take the time and effort it does to write a review for us here.
So let’s start with the most recent reviews
Brand new:
A surreal experience with Amy
Discussion in ‘Real Life Ranch Reports‘ started by George C.Sunday at 6:07 AM.
I recently spent several hours with Amy. I must say it was a surreal experience. I would say it’s as close as a fella could get to being Marilyn Monroe’s boyfriend.
Such a classy and fun woman, but then behind closed doors, any and all expectations exceeded. I was blown away.
Do not hesitate to meet her.
She was everything I’d dream she’d be,,,
Discussion in ‘Real Life Ranch Reports‘ started by Dennis GJun 1, 2023.
I had the distinct pleasure recently of spending some time with Air Force Amy. And to call it a distinct pleasure is a vast understatement. Amy is a remarkable woman in every sense of the word. She is soft spoken, charming, funny, compassionate, smart, knowledgeable, engaging, sensual, beautiful both inside and out and the very definition of the word sexy. I put sexy last because all of her other attributes add up to what makes her so very alluring and sexy.
I have been married twice and have had many girlfriends over the years but no-one can hold a candle to Amy. She takes the time and makes the effort to focus in on what will work for you and then accommodates you beyond your wildest dreams. Her lack of inhibition is completely natural and refreshing. When you combine that with her experience and enthusiasm you have an unbeatable combination of raw sexuality, and she will enjoy it as much as you. You simply can’t beat it. She is the Mona Lisa of the bedroom. A remarkable person that I am thrilled to know. I love you Amy.
Dennis G
Air Force Amy
Discussion in ‘Real Life Ranch Reports‘ started by EnergizerbunnyJun 4, 2023.
I recently visited Amy. After struggling to make a connection after a rough break up I started looking into other options. That is when I came across airforceamy.com. I spent some time reading through her website and took particular note of her blog “Dust off that Saddle” as it related to the situation I was experiencing. I decided to reach out and see if she had time that would work with my schedule. Amy made everything from scheduling, planning, and negotiations easy and painfree. During our time together she definitely delivered and had the stamina to fulfull all of the needs and desires from extended time off. Needless to say, the saddle is dusted off and spit shined. Amy is very sweet and I look forward to visting her again.
My “Afternoon Delight” with Air Force Amy!!!
Discussion in ‘Real Life Ranch Reports‘ started by s1ngleb4rrelMar 7, 2023.
I recently had the pleasure of going on another date with the very beautiful and sexy Air Force Amy, and I have to say, it was truly amazing! Each time I see her, I become more and more enamored with her captivating beauty and irresistible charm.
The afternoon was filled with excitement and passion as we explored each other’s interests, thoughts, and desires. We indulged in a delicious meal at a local Italian restaurant in Carson City and enjoyed each other’s company over Pasta al forno and Caesar salad. However, what really made the time special was the chemistry between us that continued to build and intensify.
As the day progressed, and we returned to the ranch and her private bungalow, things became more intimate and sensual. Without going into too much detail, I can say that our connection was electric, and I was left breathless and yearning for more. It’s rare to find someone who shares such a strong physical and emotional connection, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have met someone like her.
All in all, it was an unforgettable afternoon with a woman who is not only incredibly beautiful and sexy but also intelligent, engaging, and genuine. I’m looking forward to our next date with excitement and anticipation, and I can’t wait to see where our connection takes us!
“Rubbin’ sticks and stones together makes the sparks ignite,
And the thought of lovin’ you is getting so exciting!
Skyyy rockets in flight…!”
Thank you Amy
Discussion in ‘Real Life Ranch Reports‘ started by OakBoyMar 3, 2023
I found Amy to be fantastic from our first email exchange to the moment she gave me a kiss goodbye. She is absolutely gorgeous, incredibly sexy and made the day a wonderful experience with me leaving with a big smile. I think I may have put a smile on her face too, which made me proud. No doubt, I would go back and visit Amy in a heartbeat, she’s a fantastic women that knows how to treat a man. Thanks again. [smilie=happy.gif]
Discussion in ‘Real Life Ranch Reports‘ started by Ramon C.Jan 1, 2023.
Hey folks,
I had the best experience with Amy! She is a great listener, sweet and caring, while also satisfying your every dream. She is a knockout and you won’t be disappointed! She responds to her own emails and she clearly takes the time to thoughtfully communicate with you. She displayed a lot of patience and understanding as this was my first time experience at the ranch. She treated me like no one else existed and her focus was just on pleasuring the both of us. I plan to return to the ranch as many times as possible. Happy New year everyone!!!
Ramon C.
Discussion in ‘Real Life Ranch Reports‘ started by Arthur DentOct 29, 2022.
I recently had the great pleasure of visiting with Air Force Amy. She is very fun to be with because she has a great personality. She is very sensual as well. Don’t miss the chance to meet a true legend.
Discussion in ‘Real Life Ranch Reports‘ started by lover5Sep 18, 2022.
Amy is a ball of sexual energy. Guys if you haven’t experienced her do it you won’t be disappointed. We had a blast great vibes so much laughing and just down to earth conversations about life and our military experiences finding we have many things in common. All I will say about our sexual encounters is if you take care of Amy she will return the favor and then some. both of our energy and personality just clicked and the sex for us just flowed as if we been together many times. I guess its the freak in me Lol…. Amy is a great time but as I drove home I just thought what a lady and new friend. If you ever have a chance to party with Amy don’t pass it by I sat and talked with Amy back in 2018 and pass up a party. I have to say I regretted it over the years as we talked more on the boards and time went by. So I decided to treat myself after a rough patch taking care of a family member and feeling a little down in the dumps I been walking around like I won the lottery and maybe I did cause I had a great time with a great person. Sex top notch fun times but most of all I have a new friend that is a wonderful human being.
Discussion in ‘Real Life Ranch Reports‘ started by Joe KerrAug 17, 2022.
There is a reason Amy I known as a living legend in the world of sex. She made me feel very relaxed in no time. Amy is open to all sorts of activities and needless to say she showed me a great time and did some things to me no other woman has done to me. I will be partying with her again. All my trips to Reno will revolve only when Amy is available
Last week I made my first trip to the Ranch. I had the good fortune of choosing Amy and Nancy for my party. If you have never met them, you have no idea what you are missing! I met Amy and it was so comfortable it was like we had been friends for years.
If you think their pictures are beautiful, they are only better in person. I was a nervous wreck when I arrived, but they instantly made me feel at home. We laughed and joked. I almost gave Amy a heart attack when I blew a giant raspberry on her tummy! That is how comfortable she made me feel. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen very often, but she handled it like a pro.
Nancy met me at the bar and we hit it off right away. I have a ummm unique(?) sense of humor. Nancy picked that right up and ran with it. She is crazy funny, and equally sexy. And don’t worry, she doesn’t bite……..hard! lol
The rest of our party was really fun, and now I want to go see them again. Book with Amy and Nancy for an experience you don’t want to miss, and will never, ever forget!!
Air Force Amy was so amazing. She was gentle and an wonderful teacher. We left there extremely satisfied and even learned new things. She is so knowledgeable and you would never be disappointed with her beautiful body and mind. She has a very soft touch and amazing kiss.
Loves forever
A little backstory. My adventure with Air Force Amy began in June when I emailed her via her website. I knew that she was quite the celebrity and for good reason too. Fast forward to the 4th of July, I boarded on flight to Reno, Nevada where I booked hotel to get ready for my party with the sex angel legend herself. The next morning I began to prepare myself for our party that afternoon. When the time came time for me to drive over to the Bunny Ranch, I would be lying if I wasn’t a nervous wreck. I’ve been a brothel virgin up until that point. I arrived about 15 minutes early and sat in the parking lot to do some last minute preparations.
Finally, I hopped out of my car and walked inside the Bunny Ranch and was politely asked who I came to see. I answered Air Force Amy and right at that moment, there she was and she looked breathtakingly beautiful and I was starstruck. Her gorgeous eyes and inviting smile put my nerves at ease.
We then headed to the bar where we got to know each other. Given the fact that I’m in the Army we talked a little bit about the military and what I do. She is such a great conversationalist and next thing I know, I’m downing my second glass of tequila before she led over to her room to discuss negotiations. After we came up with the price, I did some transfers on my phone and the whole time she was feeling all up on me. Let me tell having an insanely gorgeous woman rubbing on crotch is one thing. But when you have Air Force Amy feel up on you, that’s a different story. My cock was getting harder and harder by the minute and I couldn’t wait to get it on. After I finished the transfers we went to pay for our time together afterwards I got myself another glass of tequila and as we walked back to her room that when the fun began!!
When we got back to her room, we sat down on her couch and talked some more for a little bit. She asked me what kind of music I would like to listen to while we have sex, I’m pretty open minded so I told her to surprise me and she turned on some Diana Krall. (I never really heard of her work before but now I play her music practically non stop now. Thank you Diana for making the time special for us Lol.) Anyway a few minutes after turning on the music that when things got spicy. She took off her dress revealing her absolutely sexy breasts and naked body. She’s an absolute bombshell if I do say so myself. She then told me to take off my clothes and I was more than happy to oblige. I then sat on her bed and we began engage in foreplay where I found myself sucking on her fabolous titties and she was massaging my already hard and erect cock. She then asked me to stand up as she sat on the edge of the bed and proceeded to give me a mind-blowing blowjob. It felt amazing. We then went ahead and did everything from Doggystyle to cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and 69. I even got to eat her out and she tasted splendid. I also fucked her titties and she gave me a life changing handjob right before we did doggy one last time. Each time I went inside her, it was like heaven on earth. My dick is hard AF right now as I type this. Before I knew it our time was up and we both took a quick shower before we got dressed and went over for me to tip her for experience of a lifetime. I know that Amy is originally from Ohio but it’s as if she’s from the south because her hospitality, personality, and charm is second to none. While we waited for me to tip her she asked if I would like some coffee and a snack. Of course I said yes! As we had coffee she guided my hands down to her wet pussy which gave me an indication that she had as much fun as I did. We would also do a little cuddling in the lobby as we waited and talked for a little while longer, it was finally our turn. Though because of my bank acting funny I was unable to tip Amy until an hour or two later after I left the ranch. As I left the ranch I asked for a picture with her to which she happily accepted. Just one of the many memories that I will keep forever.
Amy, if you happen to read this, I want to let know you’re a sex goddess and an angel and I love you for it. You’ve gave the confidence that I never thought I’d have otherwise. I’ll definitely be booking another party with you hopefully sooner than later and the next time we I thinking of doing something more romantic. You’re literally one of my new favorite people!!
Take care and I love you!!!
My wife and I visited with Amy for our vacation. She is a total professional and made us feel at ease. The time went fast but worth the price of admission. For the best time just tell her what you want. She is very accommodating!
It has been many years since I visited the ranch, but, to celebrate a landmark birthday of mine, I decided to head West again for an adventure to mark the beginning of a new chapter in my life. The line up had significantly changed since I last visited, but one person who was still present was the legendary Air Force Army. I e-mailed her, and we made arrangements to meet up. No disrespect to any one else in Amy’s profession, but fame she has acquired over her illustrious career places her in a class by herself. And because of that, I was very curious to see if she could live up to the hype. Did she? Most definitely!
When I arrived from the airport, after an excellent transportation service provided by the ranch, Amy met me in the lounge and took me on a tour of the ranch. This showcase of the property concluded with her and I in her large room right next to the pool. She sat on my lap and could feel me getting excited through my jeans. Wanting to make the most of the mood, we negotiated the business end of things quickly and got stuff squared away.
Next, to freshen up after a long day of traveling, I hopped in the shower and when I came out I climbed on tho the bed and Amy masterfully engaged in foreplay. We proceeded to slowly undress, and then, once the sexual activities began, it was incredible. It all felt amazing and Amy was very in tune with my needs and wants in that regard. After that concluded, she gave me a wonderful massage and then we went one more round before I had to leave 😉
Amy is a beautiful, considerate, passionate, fun, and caring person. My experience with her both in and out of the bedroom was great. If one ever have time to spend time with her, he or she would be foolish to pass it up. I had an amazing time, and, because of that, it will always be a birthday I remember fondly. And I owe that all to her!
So its been a while since my last visit… Life gets in the way sometimes. I had enough and needed some frolicking and fun. Mmmm frolicking… I like that word a lot.
So who do you contact for that??? Well none other than the sexiest siren at the Ranch… My beautiful Energizer Bunny Air Force Amy.
So… I originally planned for a 2 day visit at the ranch. Little did I know that a something would come up and make it 3 instead.
When I got to my room on Sunday I was beat… well most of me was beat. Being the typical human male a particular part of me said “WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU DOING… I’M GOOD TO GO”!
Damn…what else could I do?? I reached out to Amy to see what she was doing?… She replied with “waiting on your instructions Tiger”. Now… if you are a true, red blooded American Male then what can next is of no surprise. I broke the local land speed record on my way to the ranches doorstep.
Once I was inside Amy came out to meet me… Hmm… tight jeans, tight t shirt and a smile that lights up the room. Oh and she also had on a jacket because if you didn’t know… Amy has a new room. Amy now resides in one of the VIP suites by the pool in the back. Its big and warm and semi secluded. It has a huge post bed that is just the right height for better positioning and it has a fireplace for setting the mood.
So after the meet we proceeded back to her room for negotiations. I couldn’t help myself… I was just watching her wiggle as she walked. She wasn’t showing off mind you… I was just imagining what I was about to get into.
After we finished negotiations we headed back to the office to complete the transaction… and that was when she noticed how hard the negotiations were… Yep… I was out of control… well at least a part of me was and it was gonna be tough to hide. My little buddy wasn’t taking no prisoners.
With a little imagination and rearrangement, business was handled and back to the room we went.
Now this day started with my favorite thing. If you read my previous posts you know what it is. In fact the whole three days with my Energizer Bunny was like a highlight reel from your favorite adult film (non fetish of course). Each day built on the previous… new positions were tried and what wasn’t performed that day was done the next. Oh… and another thing I liked about the room was when we got a little overheated… we stepped outside for some fresh air. Now the rest of the details I will leave to your imagination… and if you can’t think of any then , spend some time with her and make your own.
I know I can’t wait to return… I love being with my little Energizer Bunny.
The First House Party in 2 years!
Discussion in ‘Real Life Ranch Reports‘ started by forevermanMar 18, 2022.
That’s right! Yesterday, March 17th, was the 1st house party for St. Patrick’s since the last one in 2020. Snow kept me from that one but the roads were clear and I made the drive up to the Bunny Ranch. There was the beautiful and sexy Sindi Sky. Always nice to see a familiar face and body. (and what a bod too) I also got to catch up with the petite and very sexy Piper Rae. Looking hot as ever. Piper is so sweet. I also finally got to meet the highly sexy Air Force Amy. What a bundle of sexual energy. Got to meet lots of the new ladies, like Abby Road. I won a big bottle of champagne in the raffle. Everyone enjoyed that. I even worked up the nerve to sing a Tony Bennett song. Then it was off to the Sagebrush. Glip, John in GA, Cronus, Raz, and some of the other local guys were there before me. We played a game and each person won a key to a treasure chest. John tried his 1st and it opened! The rest of us never got a chance. Everyone had fun singing Karaoke at the Sage. Lola put on a real performance. Destini then took me to her room for a little private party. She has it all fixed up and feeling cozy. Another great time with the birthday girl. (today is Destini’s birthday) I was having such a good time I forgot to take pictures. My bad. So nice to start having things back again.
The brightest of legends never truly perish, but conversely live on in our hearts and our minds—until the end of time. Ever wonder what it would be like to spend a day or a night with one of the most iconic ladies in the industry of sex, one who has put forth the upmost diligence of work throughout her career, only to achieve success in everything we had once thought impossible within that very sphere? If seduction is to intrigue as fine wine is to caviar, then you may look no further than to the abiding angel of unadulterated eroticism herself; the one and the only: Air force Amy. For decades upon decades she has fulfilled the highest quality service to both men and women alike, only to return all the more exhilarative with each passing spell. With the body of a vivacious bomb shell hot in her prime, the smile of an enchantress at the pinnacle of daylight in Spring, and a sensational charm set to light your pants on fire thus gliding you straight to the moon and back in one single glance, Airforce Amy will leave you craving for more within seconds upon your departure from her embrace. However, if there is one thing for certain, you can always be sure Airforce Amy will be there for you if ever you are in need, as she has been for all her long years of commitment to her unwavering devotees. Because like a true legend, her place in our hearts and our minds will never thus falter, but reside in our memories, and blossom in our deepest of fantasies—by dreams and by gracious connection.
I had a wonderful time with Amy and can hardly wait to see her again. She is the perfect mix of sexy and classy. She was easily able to recognize that I was nervous and put me at ease. But don’t let her easy charm and down to earth personality fool you, she is also very capable of igniting a burning tower of lust.
I had an amazing time with Amy last week and I look forward to seeing her again. My expectations were high given Amy’s legendary reputation, yet she still exceeded my expectations. I quickly realized why Amy is known as the best in the industry. Amy knows exactly how to provide you with the experience you desire and she puts in extra effort to over deliver.
Age is truly just a number in her case. Amy is in fantastic shape and has a better body than most women half her age. Her fit body is a testament to the hard work she puts in to take care of herself. I am an athletic man in my thirties and she has as much energy and stamina as me, maybe even more.
Amy also has a great personality. She is easy to get along with and knows how to make you feel comfortable and special. Our conversation made our time together even more enjoyable. I highly recommend booking a party with Amy for a one of a kind experience, you will not be disappointed.
Discussion in ‘Real Life Ranch Reports‘ started by EO77Dec 18, 2021.
I just want to say how wonderful of a time I had with Air Force Amy at the ranch! She was so nice, pleasant, energetic, clean, and SEXUAL!!! She gives really good blowjobs and fucks spectacularly! Her body is so AMAZING and she truly makes sure she stays in shape to provide great service! Everyone speaks highly of her personality and work ethic. I was with her for an hour, and every minute was money well spent! You won’t be disappointed.
Discussion in ‘Real Life Ranch Reports‘ started by s1ngleb4rrelDec 4, 2021.
I had such an amazing time with Air Force Amy this past weekend! I definitely plan to see her again this month. She is so beautiful and sexy. she also gave me one of her famous upside down blow jobs—out of this world! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. She is definitely a legend, and I love all of her photos on this website. xoxo
Discussion in ‘Real Life Ranch Reports‘ started by USAFlierDec 3, 2021.
Let me just say “Wow’! The whole package of beauty, brains and sexuality that oozes from every pore. Air Force Amy made the whole process easy and made me feel very comfortable and desirable. She is very patient and easy going but also a firecracker full of fun and laughs. I will be back. You owe it to yourself to book an experience with Amy. I do not think the word “no” exists in her vocabulary.
Discussion in ‘Real Life Ranch Reports‘ started by Navydiver66Oct 31, 2021.
Well… What is one to do for Halloween. I decided to take a flight and treat my little halloweeny at the ranch this year with my favorite bunny Air Force Amy.
After giving her a heads up of my intentions, she suggested since I was staying in Reno… Lets eat at Bimini’s and do an out date. Mmmm… That was a perfect suggestion because I love eating steak as much as I like eating…um…you know. Now this time I learned my lesson and didn’t overeat. I wanted to give back to Amy as I was about to receive. The meal and conversation was perfect… I just couldn’t wait to get her back to the room to start the festivities.
So the room wasn’t the best, I own that but, we made do. In fact we were doing so well that the neighbors on either side of the room were well… how do I put it… They were cheering us on by pounding on the walls. This caused a brief pause to install sound deadening materials to the headboard and under the adjoining door. So with that taken care of it was back to another round of trick and treating each other until we were exhausted. We cleaned up and I walked Amy back to her car while we planned our meet the next day with Pantera (Yes gentlemen… Halloween is more that one day for me).
Day 2 of 3 started early… Amy had asked Pantera to come in at my request and she did….Lucky me! Before I showed up Amy had asked if I could pick up a special lubricant on my way. I… doing the typical “man” thing picked up what I thought was right but…I wasn’t. I did however pick up Amy’s favorite chewing gum so I didn’t get it all wrong. So remember fellas… If they ask for something which is within their realm of expertise… just don’t do it. Tell them you are to dumb to get the right thing and they will believe you… trust me on this.
Now fast forward to the fun… So Pantera shows up in an all pink two piece with pink nails looking sweet and tasty like cotton candy (because she is!). Amy has already stripped and is beckoning me to pick back up where I left off the night before. One would have thought by now that I’ve grown accustomed to being in the presence of so much beauty at once with these two but No… Once again I am hypnotized and drawn to Amy. The Diver in me returns and off I go. Before long I feel Pantera’s suction down below while I’m tasting Amy’s sweetness. I gasp at times… trying to keep up with Amy’s hip thrusts while experiencing the magic of Pantera. We shift positions where I’m on my back. Amy still wants more as she rides me up high and Pantera now rides me from below. The rush from this is unbelievable and draining. Sensory overload occurs multiple times. Everything is warm, tight, sweet and soft. The girls sense my energy level draining and grant me a brief respite to gather myself and hydrate. I finally get my chance it introduce my halloweeny to Amy before my batteries drain. But we didn’t stop there. With time still on the clock the girls decided a massage was in order. This allowed a quick charge of my faculties and it allowed me to get my little slice of heaven with Pantera later while Amy watched. Pantera is so tight, warm, sweet and responsive. Those little moans of hers drive a man to the finish line. That ended me for that day. What a glorious day it was.
The last day of Halloweey started early too. Amy and I met up and we went to see a local festivity. The Nevada Day parade. I didn’t have too much time since I had a flight to catch but I got to see the party animals in Carson City in all their Patriotic Glory. I loved it… God Bless America. Amy and I went back to the ranch after and completed my best trip ever. Amy and I worked our magic with each other until we were spent. We did or tried everything (except pegging… the Diver doesn’t do pegging). Three days with this woman is a marathon that leaves a smile on your face for days. I am so grateful I gave my little halloweeny the party it deserved.
As always Gentlemen… Give these ladies the respect they deserve. Amy and Pantera hold a special place in my heart. Please give them your attention… It is well worth it.[smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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