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Welcome!  Thank you for your interest and wanting to know more about me.  I am truly flattered.  I update this page from time to time, so check back every once in awhile and see what is new with me. Please sign up for my newsletter to get special news and updates too. Below you will find my Bio & History, my Media Credits, my Awards & Accolades and an extended ‘More About Me’ section. Thanks for visiting ~  Kisses my loves. Enjoy!

I am named a living legend in the world of sex.

I am the star of HBO’s highly acclaimed reality series , “Cathouse”, still airing on HBO late nights.

I am also a model, actress, cover girl, centerfold, author, public speaker, curator and hypnotherapist.

I am a celebrity guest in many venues including celebrity events, radio, TV, print and cable.

I am a eleven time Bunny of the Year recipient through the year 2017 and the Number One Bunny of All Time.

I am Voted N. Nevada’s Best Legal Prostitute and Best Looking Woman and I am also voted Las Vegas’ Best Bang For Your Buck and Person That Still Gives Us Hope.

I am also a sex & relationship coach and hypnotherapist. I am transitioning from that of adult companion and the number and most famous legal prostitute of all time to that of therapist, curator, author, public speaker and real estate agent.

I am a Certified Love and Intimacy Coach. I have an Associates Degree in Sex Education and a Certificate in Clinical Sexology. I am a certified clinical sexology hypnotherapist

I have attained my Doctorate’s Degree in Education, specializing in Human Sexuality. I am now a student of Philosophy in Human Sexuality.

I’ve also joined the faculty at The Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. I am curating a “Sex through the Arts” Erotic Museum to be housed in Moundhoue NV, near Carson City, NV.
I have found all these areas of study have enhanced and will exponentially further enhance my services to you.

I have compiled the following information about me throughout many years.

I’m generally quite humble and so down to earth, I would never brag on myself, however, I do have to compete with nearly 500 other legal prostitutes all on the wings of the Bunnyranch which I was instrumental in putting on the map.

I’m not bashing any of the other ladies I work with, and long distances from, as I am the only lady that freely offers my hand and knowledge and truly hope the best for them and we all (except one or two highly competitive psychopaths) get along and I love and am truly loved by all my co workers and the ranch employees.

I’ve become quite a legend and industry icon in the Nevada legal brothel industry and a welcome and much loved personality in all forms of media, and especially reality TV.  I am the original and reigning star of the HBO smash hit series, “Cathouse”, still airing on HBO late night.

I’m the most publicized legal prostitute on the planet. I’m best known for my beauty, my love of life, my humor and my down to earth,  “live and let live” manner.

I’m the Michael Jordan of my trade, the Tiger Woods of my calling, the Mohhamad Ali of my profession, the Mother Theresa to my community, the Zig Ziglar of sales and customer service, the Don King of self promotion, the Jayne Mansfield Similaire, the Dr Ruth to many.

I am the one and only Air Force Amy, the number one of all time Nevada legal sex worker, the greatest s”ho”w on earth, the best sex you will ever have, an entertainer extraordinaire, the hooker with the heart of gold!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

“Air Force Amy is a legal prostitute in Nevada, pornographic actress, and adult model, considered one of the top earners in Nevada’s legalized brothel business,  and known as the star of the HBO television documentary series Cathouse: The Series.

MSNBC has called her “a living legend in the world of sex.”

My enlistment in USAF:

Funny story…You should have seen the eyes of the boys at the recruiting station the day I walked in. I was 17 years old, high heels, mini-skirt, tight top, long nails, hard as rock bubble-ass, bright lipstick, sweet perfume, flaming red hair and a cum fuck me attitude from hell.

They asked me what I could do and I got up from my chair, adjusted my skirt, tussled my hair, blew a kiss, and did the snake-like move like dancers do and said in my coyest voice, “I Can Dance!” Those boys about —- their pants and looked at me with the deepest admiration and one said in the straightest voice he could muster “You’ll do EXTREMELY well in the military.” And it was onward and upward and inward and on top and on bottom and every single way you could think of from then on!!!!

I was enlisted in the United Sates Air Force, serving a full term with an Honorable Discharge. I was an Air Base Ground Defense Instructor and an Anti -Terrorism Specialist. I also performed Law Enforcement and Security duties. I worked with the Diplomatic Security Service, The Office of Special Investigations, Naval Intelligence, Army Special Forces, Navy Seals and thousands upon thousands of the sexiest hard-bodied men and women throughout all branches of the U.S. and Foreign Governments.

I am highly Decorated including an extremely hard to get Meritorious Service Medal. I received numerous awards such as “Airman of the Year”, “Woman of the Year”, and “S.P. of the Year”. I was promoted twice “Below the Zone” (earlier than my peers). I also received the “John Levitow Award, the Highest Academic Award achievable. I was on the detail that escorted Marcos out of the Philippines when his government was overthrown.

I enlisted an extra year for the “convenience of the government” which allowed me to be stationed stateside and get my feet on the ground before my discharge, instead of just being separated at a port on the California coast. I traded sexual favors with an airman at base ops and got transferred to Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. I decided to separate from the military because my commander would not allow me to cross train into another field because I was too valuable to him with the training I had and I couldn’t get a reenlistment bonus in the career field I was in, so I gave an ultimatum to my commander asking him to please either cross train me into another field or give me a reenlistment bonus or else I would separate and go to work in one of the legal brothels forty five minutes away.

I didn’t get my cross training or reenlistment bonus so I decided to act on my own ultimatum.  I made my way out to the Chicken Ranch. I actually applied for work at the Chicken Ranch three months prior to my honorable discharge and began working there afterwards in February of 1990. Thus begins my illustrious career in the Nevada 

Legal brothels, my early career:

I’ll skip the first ten years of working in the brothels so I can get this posted and come back to it later.

I had already dedicated 10 years to the legal brothel industry working at the Chicken Ranch, Sheri’s Ranch, Cherry Patch, Mustang Ranch and the Old Bridge Ranch prior to signing on at the Bunnyranch.

All those years were spent working in what we ladies refer to as “lock down” conditions wherein we were forced to work 24/7 (with naps) and we were not allowed to leave the ranches for many weeks at a time.  Just wait until I start relating some of those stories! Talk about girls gone wild in lock down situations…some of the things we did are so hilarious, I wouldn’t trade them for anything!

Be sure and visit me at the Bunnyranch for more stories.  I also plan to write the book on these adventures, but I will probably put it out on DVD first.  I don’t type very well and don’t want to get screwed over financially from a ghost writer or some other opportunist on my book deal.  I endured my life.  I survived.  I’ll tell the story.

In the year 2000 I heard the ladies at the Bunnyranch were allowed to leave daily and that they had porn stars working there making $5000 an hour. Well the porn stars weren’t really making $5000 an hour and I quickly surpassed their numbers by working 24/7, with very little time off. I then convinced Dennis to let me be called a “porn star” after starring in the film they produced on property with Ron Jeremy. Request granted! I had to come up with a porn star name.

I decided on “Air Force Amy” because I’m a highly decorated veteran of the USAF. Also, I had noticed that many of the customers that used to visit me at the Mustang Ranch (that is now closed) and see me were now visiting the Bunnyranch. I had changed my looks going from natural short bright red hair to long blonde and wanted the customers to put together “Air Force” with “Amy”  because surely we would have spoke of that during our parties. I know, crazy idea, but it made sense to me at the time and the name sure has “stuck” in the minds of many.

Television and Radio:

I wanted the “porn star” status because the porn stars always got top billing and extra special advertising and treatment at the Bunnyranch even though my numbers and dedication far surpassed theirs. Also I had been volunteering for all the radio and TV shows wherein I had to provide free sex to the hosts and basically create “shock radio” and “shock TV” with girl on girl sex, the use of outlandish sex toys like the “drill do” and “saws all” and other ridiculous and over the top antics to get the Bunnyranch name remembered. We also came up all kinds of zany stories to get on various talk shows and Dennis would invite all kinds of news shows and affiliates to film at the ranch.

Well, the Bunnyranch name wasn’t the only name remembered. Over the years my name has become synonymous to the Bunnyranch. Dennis, the owner, travels extensively and he says everyone he meets always asks, “How’s Air Force Amy or where is Air Force Amy?”.

HBO, “Cathouse” and the ensuing series:

In 2001 HBO began filming at the Bunnyranch. It started out as a one hour documentary called “Cathouse”. The story line of the show was to be ‘the first time ever, hidden camera, live negotiations from within a legal brothel. The producers thought it would take nearly a year to get the footage they wanted. We all decided we didn’t want to do this to our customers, so we called people we knew and had them pretend to be customers caught on hidden cameras. We got them enough footage in two weeks and the first show aired December 8, 2002 in the time slot immediately following the last episode of the Sopranos that season.

This show became the most viewed documentary on HBO of all time. Realizing they had a hit on their hands they came out and shot more for the next release “Cathouse, Back in the Saddle.” which aired December 27, 2003.

A high point of filming came when we were enlisted to do a full blown musical wherein we were taught song and dance routines and shot on location at Piper’s Opry house in Virginia City where they constructed a full blown set which was a true sight to be seen!! You can get an autographed copy of the Musical DVD or “Cathouse, the series” from me when you visit me at the Bunnyranch.

I shot the musical which aired on New Years Eve, January of 2008 and I have continued to shoot since 2007. Throughout the course of nine years, it seems they’ve aired more than 30 episodes in three seasons and it still airs on late night HBO. At least two episodes “She’s got Game” and “Return of the Champ” were primarily about me.

Watch for the latest episode to air on HBO August 14, 2014.

A partial list of my media appearances (credits) such as Television, Cable, Radio, Print and Special Events:


HBO, “Cathouse” and the ensuing series:

In 2001 HBO began filming at the Bunnyranch. It started out as a one hour documentary called “Cathouse”. The story line of the show was to be ‘the first time ever, hidden camera, live negotiations from within a legal brothel”. The producers thought it would take nearly a year to get the footage they wanted. We all decided we didn’t want to do this to our customers, so we called people we knew and had them pretend to be customers caught on hidden cameras. We got them enough footage in two weeks and the first show aired December 8, 2002 in the time slot immediately following the last episode of the Sopranos that season.

This show became the most viewed documentary on HBO of all time. Realizing they had a hit on their hands they came out and shot more for the next release “Cathouse, back in the saddle” which aired December 27, 2003. TV.com lists all the episodes.

A high point of filming came when we were enlisted to do a full blown musical wherein we were taught song and dance routines. We shot on location at Piper’s Opry house in Virginia City where they constructed a full blown set which was a true sight to be seen.

Shooting the musical, was the first time in seven years that I ever got a check from HBO. The musical aired on New Years Eve, January of 2008 and I have continued to shoot since then. Throughout the course of 12 years, and three seasons it seems they’ve aired over 30 episodes in three seasons. I play myself “Air Force Amy” throughout the series and more than one episode is based primarily on me.

I have been featured and or participated in at least the following:

• HBO “Best of Real Sex”
• The Playboy Channel, two different episodes of “Sexcetera”.
• Fox Reality, Realitini Awards Show
• No Good TV’
• Xmas Carolla Show with Adam Carolla.
• “Night Calls” on Playboy Radio? (several times)
• The Daily Show
• Comedy Central’s “Insomniacs” and two episodes of “The Man Show”
• ABC News, Nightline
• Fox News on The Live Desk Show with Martha McCallum
• Sean Hannity, “Hannitys’ America”, 2x
• Tyra Banks, 3-4 times
• Rita Crosby, ”Free sex for the Military”
• Howard Stern (at least four times)
• I starred in a BBC documentary airing now in London and my fan mail from there is astronomical.
• Sci-Fi Channel, “Proof Positive” where we pretended a room at the Bunnyranch was haunted.
• Twice on Jenny Jones, I was nominated as one of the “Most Outrageous Guests of the Year” for 2001.
• Rikki Lake, pretended that men buy me all kinds of extravagant gifts.
• Walk or Talk, we pretended I wanted to resolve a problem with my brother.
• Talk Soup, 4x including, The Best of “Year in review 2007″.
• Ananda Lewis, pretended that I had a dead beat baby daddy.
• Bob Berkowitz, a sex related show out of NYC
• Dr Drew radio show, about sex, funny thing is I was pretty blitzed on martinis. This was before his Celebrity Rehab show.
• USA network aired “Pornstars and their Pets” and now the video is available through Brink films.
• Judge Jeanine Pirro, I got the most fan mail ever from this show where I pretended to sue Bunny Love.
• Warner Brothers Networks, “The Surreal World” in an episode with Ron Jeremy at the Halloween Party.
• Fox News, CNN News, MSNBC, and countless other News and Radio Shows.
• The Mancow radio show out of Chicago. I got so mad at him, I stormed off the show.
• I call in fairly regularly to the Lex & Terry Radio show out of Dallas and Howard Strern once in a blue moon.


I just noticed a great deal of my magazine work is missing between the dates of 2008 and now, oops. Let me work on this.

I just came up with a great idea (1-14-18) to shop around the magazines to again get a great deal of magazine exposure this year.  I’m pretty sure it will work so, wish me luck and stay tuned for “Air Force Amy, Revisited”.

-Penthouse Forum, Covergirl April 2014
-Penthouse Magazine, March 2014
•Hustler, March 2008
• Strip LV Magazine Jan, Feb, Mar, 2007
• Playboy Magazine, Jan 2006?(no layout, just a small article and picture)
• Gent, May 2004
• Cheri, January 2004
• Cheri, November 2003
• Vice Magazine, September 2003
• Gent, August 2003
• Over 40, Cover girl, May 2003
• Arena, May 2003
• Hustler Hometown Girls, May 2002
• Hustler’s Busty-Summer spectacular 2002
• Maxim (German Edition), January 2002?
• Spectator-Cover girl, June 2001
• Bordello Confidential Issues #1,2 and 3
• Adult Video News (AVN)-Cover girl, April 2002
• New Yorker (Money Edition) April 2001
• Marie Claire, Jan 2001
• Gent-Winter Extravaganza, 2001 (my first pro shoot)
Club, Vibe, Extreme, Smoke, Men’s World, High Society. I have to research the dates.


“Bunny of the Year” at the Bunny Ranch 2017- That makes 11 out of 16 years!
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:


“Air Force Amy is a legal prostitute in Nevada, pornographic actress, and adult model, considered one of the top earners in Nevada’s legalized brothel business,[4] and known as the star of the HBO television documentary series Cathouse: The Series. MSNBC has called her “a living legend in the world of sex.””

Ohio State Pony Hunter Jumper Grand Champion, 1979: My parents still have a room full of silver cups and award ribbons I won. I had a reputation of being, basically, somewhat of a horse whisperer.

I also attained the highest United States Pony Clubs (USPC) National “A” rating. I have also been a registered instructor certified by the National Handicapped Riding Association (NARHA).

Promoted two times “Below the Zone” years before my peers in the United States Air Force.

“Airman of the Year” and “Woman of the Year” 1988, Clark AFB.

Recipient of “The John Levitow Award,” the highest academic award achievable in the U.S. Air Force at Nellis AFB in 1999.

“Most Outrageous Guest” in 2001 by the Jenny Jones Show.

“Best Of”, Year in Review by the “Talk Soup” TV Show.

“The Best of Real Sex” by HBO for a scene I did with Sunset Thomas.

“Best Legal Prostitute” by the Reno News and Review reader’s poll (December 2007, inaugural year of the poll).

“Best Legal Prostitute” and “Best Looking Woman” by Reno News and Review (2008-2012)

“Bunny of the Month” WAY too many times to count!

“Bunny of the Year” at the Bunny Ranch in 2000-2005 , 2007-2010, 2013-2014 – 10 out of 13 years!

Nominated “Courtesan of the Year” quite a few times and SpeedRacers “Hall of Fame”.

Wikipedia lists me among the most famous prostitutes in history.

Voted “Person that Still Gives Us Hope” and “Best Bang for your Buck” in April 2010 by the Las Vegas Review Journal Annual Reader’s Poll.

In 2011, I was bestowed the title “Bunny of the Decade” and “Number one Bunny of All Time”.

Here’s some more personal info about me.

I love travel, decorating, current events, history, writing, teaching, gardening, photography, scrap booking, arts and crafts, graphics, continuing my studies in human sexuality, adding content and improving and building this site is foremost on my list of “to dos’ right now.

Charity. My favorite causes being Veterans, anything U.S. Military and also the fight against sex trafficking, domestic violence and the plights of illegal prostitutes especially teenaged runaways.

I love Cirque de Soleil’s, Broadway shows, The History Channel and NatGeo TV. I love concerts ranging from Classic rock n roll to symphonies and I really like listening to live Blues.

I confess to TV Binge viewing! Stay tuned and check my blog as I think I should make a true confessional list of all the shows I have binge viewed and then you can see we will most likely have favorite TV shows in common! 🙂

I enjoy fine dining, travel, sightseeing, luxury accommodations (doesn’t mean I have never enjoyed hippie travel) cruise travel, nature, photography, designer wear, a good bargain, exercise. I really enjoy staying healthy, fit, young, happy, inquisitive and active.

I think it goes without saying, but just in case you don’t know – I am a highly sexually charged woman. I enjoy physical sex, the psychology of sex, sensuality, eroticism and I’ll try anything that has to do with sex at least …hmmmnn….ten times!

I love the smell of coffee, roses, and fresh cut grass. My favorite perfumes vary, but you can email me for my current favorite.

I couldn’t live without my Jacuzzi whirl tub bath at home and I love luxurious linens and heavenly beds.

I make the best and most comfortable beds on the planet. I really, really want to have my own line of linens.
– Is there anyone out there that can help me realize this dream?

My kitty cats, Butch , Rosie & Kiara rule my life. They are pedigreed Bengals.  Five generations ago they were Asian Leopards bred with Siamese cats.  They are very affectionate, way too smart to be animals and quite a handful.

I get all the love and companionship via my treasured clients at the Bunnyranch.

Will I ever get married? Maybe. Maybe to you? 🙂 I’m actually putting together a retirement/auction my hand in marriage together this year.

I don’t have a boyfriend. I have never been married and have no children, but I am “Auntie” to dozens of my friend’s children and I hold super extravagant parties for them and all the children of my coworkers each holiday.

I have many lady friends and belong to women’s groups outside the industry and love hosting parties and charity events.

I’m not into bad manners (especially poor table manners), poor hygiene, bullies, thieves, drugs, arrogance, gossip, haters/jealousy, back stabbers, greed, liars, pimps, no shows and Competition – (Too old for that any longer. I enjoy my legendary status and call that enough for now.)

I work as an independent contractor. I turn in all my monies received as a legal prostitute to the ranch I’m working for; they keep a 50% commission. I pay taxes, own properties, run my own corporation, am my own agent. I’m single, have never been married and have no children. I dedicate all my love to all my clients and get all my sex at the ranch. Trust me, every one you provide plenty of love, sex and affection I can handle in any one-life time.

Entertaining is a very rewarding experience for me. I’m not in the ‘biz just for the money. I love meeting new people, making new friends, dinner dates, seeing the sites, catching a show or a movie, great sex no strings attached.

I also like cuddling, sleeping with you, waking up in your arms and doing it all over again. I like our good conversation; laughter, good times, and making you feel good about yourself. I enjoy treating you nice, being liked by you, and especially like the afterglow for days and maybe even years to come.

I take pride in being the best and never cease to prove it to you. I became the best in the industry by lots of hard work, studying and consistently raising my own bar and perfecting all my skills in out of the bedroom and by my own never wanting to become bored, disenchanted or stale. Plus, my sexual drive and desire to do something good for others seems to increase every day.

I have the most repeat clients because I give the best parties with the most time, activities and attention for your dollar. I really care about you and what you want. You’ll never feel rushed by me. I’m very in tuned to your needs and will do all I can to accommodate you without ever embarrassing you in any way. I love to make you feel like you’re the most important person on earth and I love to laugh and have fun!

Despite my fame and notoriety, I am very down to earth, approachable and affordable. I love to meet new people and you’ll instantly feel real comfortable with me. I’m especially good with first timers, old timers, couples and those looking for a challenge too. I really like the extended time- girl friend like experiences, and it’s the most popular party of my repeat clients, so be sure and ask me about that option. I’ve also mastered all the fetishes imaginable and am very orgasmic and plain and simple the best sex you’ll ever have.

My goal is to be of complete service to you. I’ll do everything I can to make your time with me more special than you could ever imagine.

My favorite way to entertain you is with a combination of a girl friend – porn star experience- over nighters! Be sure and ask me about it!

More about me:

• I’m a sought after model, cover girl, centerfold, industry icon, media queen, and master of adult entertainment.

• I’m mega fun, stunning beauty, knock out body, very caring, and have the most amazing skills you will ever encounter. I’m truly the best!

• Famous by reputation among clients alone, I’m known for providing absolutely unequaled service with a heart of gold.

• I love people, I love life, I love what I do, and it shows!!

• I’m especially in tuned to, love and excel at couples parties. Be sure to email me for the full details.

• The same holds true for my compassionate adeptness with de-virginizations. I actually give lovers deflowered by me a certificate of authenticity stating that you were officially schooled in the bedroom by Air Force Amy at the Bunnyranch!

• My two girl parties are raved about worldwide.

• Whether you’re looking for a -once in a lifetime, -once in awhile, or -as often as you can experience, I’m your girl.

• I have an enormous sense of humor, fantastic smile and I am 100% concerned about you.

• My ability to relate at all levels and my willingness to explore, learn and teach has given me my own class of service that encompasses just about anything you can think of.

• I’m very flexible, down to earth; open for discussion and totally worth your while.

• I’m 5’3”, 120 lbs athletic, 38DDD-26-36.

• I am your best and number one choice for all your needs, desires, fantasies, hopes and wishes. I am here to make your dreams and fantasies come true.

• I realize you conjure a certain ideal of the “perfect” evening or the perfect “first time’, the perfect vacation, the perfect tryst and even a perfect new romantic relationship. I make sure your time with me is as special as you imagine and because of all my experience I add all the details that make our time together an absolute experience of a lifetime. I love being able to make all your wishes come true. I love being able to bring you happiness.

• I am kind, considerate, caring, loving, friendly, honest, playful, punctual, intelligent, witty, genuine, educated, inquisitive, respectful, helpful, thorough, generous, patient, single, athletic, sexy, orgasmic, humble, loyal, understanding, forgiving, well dressed, well heeled, charming, blessed, creative, grateful and passionate plus plus plus!

• I am a true courtesan, a purveyor of politeness, intimate adult companion, lady of the evening and of the world, the epitome of entertainment, a bevy of beauty, barrel of laughs, an endless amount of energy and your ultimate authority on sex.

• I am truly unique and blessed with enormous talents. I am the Michael Jordan of my trade. I take pride in every detail I offer and in every request I honor. I go the extra mile to make you feel like you are the most important person on earth and that your time is more valuable than mine.

• I consistently set, raise and exceed the standard of service in our industry.

• I’ve enjoyed over a decade of decadence at the World Famous Bunnyranch. (Made world famous greatly in part because of my contributions of my agreeing and making myself available to each and every form of media despite some of the inherent obstacles and inconveniences.)

• My track record, my return client rate, my numbers, my accolades, my diligence, my trustworthiness, my honesty, my work ethic, my generosity, my loyalty, my desire, my passion, my humility, my contributions, my helpfulness, my cleanliness, my class, my style, my education, my compassion, my pride, my levity, my libido, my sense of humor, my rocking hot body, my insatiable desire to please and to be the the best all have rewarded me with both freedoms and responsibilities that allow me to provide a level of service that is beyond compare and to this date, untouchable.

• That’s right, as the industry icon, the living legend and the most celebrated working girl on the planet I’ve taken my profession and our industry from guilt and shame to glamour and fame and to a level commiserate to above and beyond royalty.

• Although I enjoy and go out of my way and feel it my responsibility to pass on my ethics and talents to my peers I have entirely too much experience that cannot be equaled as of yet.

• You and I get to reap the rewards of my labor by way of you and I calling all the shots, absolutely no rules and no restrictions except safe sex in all my parties. We decide what we want to do and we do it and this is good because I am the most open minded, down to earth, friendly, fun seeking, inquisitive, playful, thoughtful, warm, down to earth, cuddly, adventurous vixen, siren and sex kitten all rolled up into one.

I enjoy being a chameleon and I enjoy taking advantage of all our options not available to just anyone within the Bunnyranch Empire. i.e free limo rides, free souvenirs, free time, ability to travel with you, free stays, VIP treatment and more!

I think that’s enough for now. Thank you so much for taking the time to read all my run on sentences. If you have any questions, I personally and promptly answer all your emails, pm’s and replies on the message board. I am authentic, genuine and dedicated. I hope to hear from you. Thank you!