Air Force Amy – FAQ

Welcome to my official Air Force Amy- Chicken Ranch  Visitors Guide. These FAQs will tell you everything you need to know for a fun, hassle-free ‘vacation’ at the ranch. I’ve divided it into categories to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.


 Where is The Chicken Ranch located?

Chicken Ranch 
10511 Homestead Rd.
Pahrump, NV 89061

 Approximate drive time:

Las Vegas Strip – 1hr 10min

St George,  Utah – 3 hrs

Los Angeles  – 4 hrs

Palm Springs – 4 hrs 15 min

Where is the nearest airport?

You fly into the Harry Reid  International Airport (LAS) in Las Vegas, NV. This is only 60 miles North of The Chicken Ranch

Does the Chicken ranch offer complimentary Transportation?

No.  The transportation service is not free.  It will cost you 30% of your booking., which is the cost I have pay for you to use the transportation service and the price I upcharge for the loss I incur.

I implore you to arrange other modes of transportation as the same is true for Taxi, Uber and Lyft too.

Please choose to drive yourself via a rental car or your own transportation.  If that is absolutely not possible please use our trusted Uber driver for only a 10% upcharge and contact me for that information.


How do I call The Chicken Ranch?  Can I contact you directly?

The toll free phone number is 877-585-2397

You can email me through this website. I answer all my own emails and I will always reply to your email no later than 12 hours later and usually within minutes!

Contact Me

 What services do you offer?

Check-out my Offerings page for a complete run-down of what you can enjoy on a visit with Air Force Amy.

 How do I make an appointment with you? 

Once you know the date, or just a rough idea of the dates you want to see me, contact me  and I will respond right away to let you know if I’m available. For me to take the date seriously and to go to the considerable effort I always do to prepare (I aim to please!), I highly recommend that you place a deposit. See below for how to do this.

How much is the deposit and how do I place it?

The deposit amount is completely up to you. We have a 100% discreet online deposit system as well.  Please ask me about that option.

Or call 877-585-2397. Talk to the shift manager that answers the phone,. Tell her that you would like to place a deposit.  The preferred payment method is credit or debit card and any transaction is billed discreetly, so no one will know it’s related to The ChickenRanch. If absolutely necessary you can send a cashier’s check. Please email me afterwards to confirm your deposit and I can start putting all the arrangements in place for your visit with me.

What is your schedule?

March 26- April 08

April 23- 30

May 13 – 28

Jul 02 – Jul 15

July 30 – Aug 12

Aug 27 – Sep 02

Sep 24 – Oct 07

Nov 05 – Nov 18

Dec 26 – Jan 09

How much does it cost to party with you?

 Please see my RATES page here.

Please note: The following is only a guide to MY negotiable prices. I don’t speak for any of the other girls at the ranch. We are all independent contractors and have individual pricing structures, so I cannot quote prices for them, nor can they quote prices for me.  I DO NOT charge more than the other ladies!

Everything from me is reasonable, negotiable and affordable. I won’t let you leave without getting what you want, at a price you can afford. I’m real flexible on price and am open to doing anything you like. Per law, I’m not allowed to quote exact prices before meeting with you face-to-face on property at the legal licensed brothel at which I am licensed to… But I’ll do my best to give you a general idea…

The following party with me (that’s what we call our bookings, as let’s face it that’s what they are!) could likely cost around $2000 and can be negotiated for more or less.  My absolute minimum is $1000.

A party with Air Force Amy:

  • Friendly conversation in the bar area or parlor or my room, a few drinks and a tour of the fantastic facilities to get us started.
  • A striptease and a sexy lap dance, a shower together or romantic Jacuzzi or bubble bath.
  • XXX videos, plenty of foreplay, a full contact sensual massage.
  • Breast sex, oral sex, intercourse with various positions, 69 and ejaculation any way you like.
  • Souvenirs, condoms, lube, oils, lotions, sex toys.

And above all – no rush, plenty of eroticism, fun and a great attitude!  Keep in mind this a minimal party but very extraordinary indeed.  Note that I have many, many packages and parties available that can be hand crafted by you and myself and negotiated for time, activity, add ons, discounts etcetera….

Half of what you spend goes to the ranch to ensure both your safety and mine. What you get for that is a guaranteed legal and safe environment for you to have all the no strings adult entertainment you want. If you go looking for sex from a stranger a lot of bad things can happen that won’t happen at The ChickenRanch and we both have to pay for that.  The 50% I pay to the ranch provides for the facilities and legalities and protects me from you.  The 50% you pay to the ranch protects you from me. Wherein you have a complaint system whereas in an illegal situation you don’t.

 Can I book you for less than an hour?

You can book for less than an hour but it’s not ideal. I can barely get to know you in that time, much less give you an experience that truly reflects my many talents. I’m not in a hurry, are you?

What does the average guy spend?

The sky is the limit and I have something for every budget. However, my clients typically spend anywhere from $2,000-$5,000. Any amount above that is usually with repeat clients where we’ve planned a super or extended party. Anything less is often first-timers who end up coming back to see me for the full Monty.

Can I book you without going through The ChickenRanch?

I only entertain appointment requests that take place via The ChickenRanch – a legal and licensed brothel in Nevada until I have other legal options available such as strictly escort services  No exceptions.

Which credit or debit cards does The ChickenRanch accept?

The ChickenRanch accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Debit cards.  No American Express. Your billing statement as well as your receipt is discreetly billed and won’t say you were at a brothel. We don’t want you to get in trouble…we want you to keep coming back!

While at The ChickenRanch you can access your own money via our ATM or “Pay Point” system. If you have a daily limit on your debit card you can have the limit temporarily lifted by calling the toll free number on the back of your card. They usually give you an hour or so to use the card with your new temporary limit.

The ChickenRanch also accepts cashier’s checks, traveler’s checks, credit card checks and cash. If paying by means other than cash, be sure to have picture ID with you.  You must have a picture ID to enter the facilty anyhow.]

What about STDs?

State law requires all registered brothel prostitutes to be tested and visually checked on at least a weekly basis. At The ChickenRanch we must test clear each week for five different STDs and Chlamydia. We must also pass a visual check for genital herpes and genital warts. Blood tests are taken at each tour to detect HIV and syphilis and annually for Hepatitis A, B and C. Mondays are deemed “Doctor Day” at The ChickenRanch as this is when each girl must see the doctor to go through these tests.

What about condoms?

Condoms are mandatory for all oral sex and sexual intercourse. Since the inception of mandatory condom use in 1988, over one million patrons have frequented legal brothels without a single case of STD being reported. Brothel owners are held liable if customers become infected with HIV after a prostitute has tested positive for the virus, however since 1986, when mandatory testing began, not a single brothel prostitute has ever tested positive for HIV.

Who keeps track of the money?

Brothel prostitutes work as independent contractors (ICs) so we do not receive any unemployment, retirement or health benefits. All transactions (monies, credit card charges) are passed to the ranch immediately after we receive it from the client. The transaction only takes place upon agreement of both parties as to what services will be provided for what amount of money, and after a visual check by the IC confirming the client shows no signs of STDs.

Each ranch has their own rules as to how the ICs themselves are paid. Some redistribute once a week, the next day, or at the time of the party – less any charges incurred by the IC (for things like rent and products). ICs are paid either by check, cash or both. The ranch calculates and records the 50/50 split of all transactions between themselves and the IC and federally reports all the IC’s income. We are responsible for paying our own taxes, and all other costs associated with maintaining a small business. ICs typically incur large overheads for providing all the supplies and equipment we see as necessary for the wide range of experiences that appeal to all our clients.

Are tips and gifts permitted?

All tips are split 50/50 because if they weren’t some “slick” ICs would be getting $1000 parties and $100 tips.

Gifts are definitely appreciated.  Here is my Amazon Gift List


What should I bring?

An open mind and plenty of credit or cash. I always say, “Over pack instead of having to buy something you already have.”  Think of things like a shaving kit and toothbrush. Oh and lots of lovely presents for me. If paying by any means other than cash, be sure to have picture ID with you. You also need picture ID with your DOB to get in the door.

What can I expect when I visit The ChickenRanch?

I’m very approachable, down-to-earth, fun loving, non-judgmental and above all super friendly!

If you have an appointment with me (or you don’t want to see a line-up of all the ladies), please let the door lady know when you arrive. Let a hostess or bartender know you’re here to meet Air Force Amy. (I’ll either be waiting for you in the lobby, at the door, or in the parlor).

You can relax with a few drinks first (on the house when you’re with me). Or we can start a tour of the ranch right away…it’s completely up to you. Eventually we’ll end up in my room, which is the only place I can talk prices with you. We’ll discuss what you’re hoping to do and all the party options that match. Then we’ll agree on a party and price that works best for you. Don’t worry – this part is a lot easier than you think. Just be honest and candid about what you want and what you can afford, and everything will work out fine. Believe me, I’ve been hit with all kinds of requests and I see it as one of the best parts of my job. It’s all good and fun in my books! The worst thing that can happen is we can’t come to an agreement (this is rare). In that case you can just tour with another lady…we have something for everyone!!

My suite is amazing – the most impressive on the property as a matter of fact. And you get to enjoy the best because you’ve chosen Air Force Amy. I have all kinds of music and lighting and a huge selection of lingerie, costumes, sex toys, lotions and videos. You can bring anything you’d like to add to your party, even your camera. If you forget yours, I have a Polaroid and am always more than happy to snap many “Polaroid moments” for you to take home.

I do my absolute best to give you what you want, at a price you can afford. I always give you more than what you paid for so that you’ll want to come back and see me again and again. You’ll never feel rushed, I’m very laid back, erotic, friendly, open minded and fun. I’m very tuned in to your needs and will accommodate you without ever embarrassing you in any way. I really love sex and especially love to orgasm (you’ll see me get a “buzz like” look when I reach one). I orgasm in every party, no matter what!

I’m not a “clock watcher”. I don’t allow the cashier to set her timer for our party or call into the room via intercom when our time is up. There isn’t a house “minimum” that you have to spend and there aren’t any written guidelines for me as to how much time or activity I should give per amount of money spent. I have complete leeway in this department.

I am, after all, “Air Force Amy” and that comes with many and exclusive privileges. I’ve earned the luxury of you and me calling all the shots, no matter what.

What happens if I ejaculate too soon?

We go again! It’s unlimited ejaculations with me. In fact, the more the merrier! In my experience, a gentleman overly concerned about ejaculating too soon usually won’t, so please don’t worry. Also, I can tell if you’re going to explode too soon and I know how to slow you down and make it last, if that’s what you’re after.

Are there video cameras and filming taking place at The BunnyRanch?

There aren’t any video cameras in my room. There are only video cameras in the common areas, the same as any business, for security purposes.

You can take pictures when it’s agreed to. Please just ask everyone that might end up in the picture if it’s okay first.

Can we leave The ChickenRanch during my booking?

No, per Nye County ordinance we cannot leave the property with you or travel to you nor provide escort service.  The ChickenRanch has therefore thought of everything and offers everything any high end resort and adult getaway can offer for your extgended and varied interludes. 


See and hear a bunch of my interviews here

What makes you so successful?

First of all, I have a happy soul. I really get a kick out of life, this planet and all the human beings on it. I love people, especially men. I guess I just connect. I don’t judge. I’m honest to a fault. I always give you more than what you paid for. I make a new friend with everyone I meet. I listen. I care. I perform. I love what I do. I’ve always been the best at anything I’ve wanted to do, and this is what I want to do right now…Be the best hoochie girl on the planet!!

How did you get started in the business?

Well, if you count the times when I was in first grade showing the boys my panties for their lunch money, then that’s how I got started. I remember having a “regular” group of boys that I could always count on for their lunch money.

What are some of your most memorable parties?

Be sure and check my Youtube Channel for my best story telling!

What’s the most anyone ever spent?

A few years ago, a gentleman spent $1.75 million over three weeks and five ladies. It was like an episode of “Survivor” in the end as the other ladies started to tire out and go home. But I knew this was a once in a lifetime experience and I lived on sugar free Red Bull and entertained the entire entourage every day, twice a day and remained to the very end. I did the most work and made the most money.

What kinds of men spend that kind of money?

Real nice guys, my favorite kind actually. I wish I would meet more of them.😂

Have you been booked by any celebrities?

Yes, of course. Will I tell you who they were? Possibly, as small talk after your own session with me.

What’s with the name Air Force Amy?

Well, I really was active duty with the United States Air Force. I served a full term with an honorable discharge after suffering a service-related injury. I was an Air Base Ground Defense Instructor and Anti Terrorism Specialist. I also performed law enforcement and security duties.

I was awarded Airman of the Year, Woman of the Year and S.P. of the Year. I was promoted twice (early). I also received the John Levitow award, the highest Academic award achievable at Airman Leadership School (ALS). The “Top Ten Reasons I call myself “Air Force Amy” can be found here.

Did you like the military?

I loved it! It proved to me that I could do anything I put my mind to. I earned my college degree. I saw all of Southeast Asia and the Pacific. I developed a great work ethic, self-discipline and learned so much about human relationships, camaraderie and loyalty. Plus…all those men!!! What can I say??

Were you as sexy then as you are now? Did you drive all the guys crazy?

Absolutely!! I organized orgies and always had my pick of hard-bodied young men and older distinguished officers. However, I had to be discreet.

Do you give military discounts?

Absolutely! Active Duty & Retired Veterans and even Dishonorably Discharged and AWOL service members get huge discounts with me! Wounded warriors are practically free of charge.

How about other public servants?

Policeman, Fireman, EMT’s, you name it. Frontline Workers.  Come up with a good story and I’ll fall for it.

Why did you get out of the USAF? And how did you get into legal brothel work afterwards?

My term of enlistment was up. My last duty station was at Nellis AFB, Las Vegas and the bright lights, glamour and wealth looked more exciting than playing war games.

Thanks for reading these FAQs and getting to know a bit more about me. Remember, I personally answer all my emails at all hours, so contact me anytime.


Why is prostitution legal in Nevada, but not in Reno or Las Vegas?

Nevada is special among the U.S. states as it is the only one that allows legal prostitution in some of its counties. All Nevada counties except the largest ones (Clark County which contains Las Vegas and Washoe County containing Reno) are allowed to legalize and regulate brothel prostitution if they so choose.

As of January 2003, prostitution is illegal in Carson City, Washoe County, Douglas County and Lincoln County. Eureka County neither permits nor prohibits brothels and does not have any. The other 11 counties permit licensed brothels in certain specified areas or cities and those so called “brothels” are nowhere near the caliber of any of the BunnyRanch properties. They are in very remote areas of the state and are usually just a mobile home with a couple local ladies living and working there.

In order to be a licensed brothel, prostitutes there need to be at least 21 years-old, except in Storey County and Lyon County, where the legal age is 18. To obtain and maintain a prostitution license in most counties, the applicant can’t have any warrants or have been convicted of any crimes involving drugs, theft, prostitution or weapons, nor be a convicted felon. And they must also pass medical tests ensuring they are free from STDs and HIV.

Nevada has laws against engaging in prostitution outside of licensed brothels, against encouraging others to become prostitutes, and against living off the proceeds of a prostitute. All of these behaviors are quite common, however. Brothels are also not allowed to advertise their services in counties where brothel prostitution is illegal. Thus, Dennis has come up with some pretty ingenious forms of advertising that I participate in. They are always fun and interesting and probably how you landed here on this page.