Note my tour dates and please plan to see me within these dates.

I can accommodate more dates if you make it economically beneficial for me to do so.

It’s also very helpful for me to know where you are coming from and how long you plan on being in the area so I might be of more assistance in your planning.

 Be prepared to place a deposit to secure your appointment with me. No set amount, usually 10% of what you intend to spend so I can roughly estimate how much time to block for you. (Good towards your purchase) either through our ..

Online deposit system Deposits Password: reserve

Or via phone through the Chicken Ranch cashier on duty 24 hrs. a day  877-585-2397 The more expediently you can do this, the more seriously I can take you and the more we can correspond and then I can even give you my personal cell # that no one gets without a deposit or having already met me.  Instructions for placing a deposit are also found in my  FAQ.

Does the Chicken Ranch offer complimentary transportation?

No.  The transportation service is not free.  It will cost you 10-15% of your booking., which is the cost I have pay for you to use the transportation service and the price I upcharge for the loss I incur.

I implore you to arrange other modes of transportation as the same is true for Taxi, Uber and Lyft too.

Please choose to drive yourself via a rental car or your own transportation.  If that is absolutely not possible please use our trusted Uber driver for only a 10% upcharge and please contact me for that information.

I fully, wholeheartedly, and humbly appreciate all the time and effort you place into visiting me at The Chicken Ranch. I am amazed at the lengths so many people go to get to Pahrump, NV to see me or visit the Chicken Ranch.  Your efforts do not go unnoticed by me.  Likewise, my tenure and client retention rate does not go unnoticed by the owner and management.  My clients, this will include you, are definitely afforded many luxuries, freebies and safe exceptions to many rules incurred by my peers.

I am and I joyfully, generously and meticulously show you the best I have to offer and you will experience why I am the very best in the biz, a living legend in the world of sex and your ultimate authority on sex and intimate relations.  I really am your ultimate supreme choice for everything you are looking for (except a cheap, quick roll in the hay with no meaning except to get paid and get it over with).

I am so glad you chose me because I get to do all these things for you that I absolutely love and enjoy. Activities that challenge my creativity, thoughtfulness, and resources that allow us to enjoy each other and my hard-earned privileges I am able to share with you.

Thank you for your time and attention.

All My Love,