The Air Force Amy Delectable Menu 

Available From Me at The Chicken Ranch – A Licensed Legal Nevada Brothel near Las Vegas, Nevada

You do not have to take advantage of every option and amenity that I offer at the time of booking, although they remain available to you for as long as you like upon completing your booking with me.  We can always amend your options within reason.

To make this happen, you just have to choose a date and place a deposit, and then we can get started on planning the epic experience of a lifetime for you.

Romance – everything!  Romantic getaway, romantic rendesvous, romantic exchanges, romantic talk, romantic gifts, you name it, I am a romantic at heart.  Let’s add a little romance to your life.

Birthday Parties, Celebrations, Anniversaries, Honeymoons – Let’s Celebrate! I love theme parties and I love planning them for you.  A birthday, or any other event worth celebrating. Let’s make up any reason at all.  Add a party to your *party!

*party=  Any amount of time and/or activity negotiated by you and I for exchange of services to take place at or from the Chicken Ranch.  Synonymous to session, package, adventure, experience.

Lamentations, Divorce Parties.  – Forget your sorrows.  Nothing like a great new memory to help fade the hurts.

Mature Virgins – Any time is a great time to enter into the world of sex with Air Force Amy as your mentor and your patient and most knowledgeable guide.

Newbies – If you’ve never been to a brothel before, I would love to be your willing escort. This is the most erotic, exciting and passionate experience that you’ve ever had—that is, if you have the right guide. I can be soft and slow when you need, or that wild and exotic beauty that transports you to the brink of the most thrilling sexual moment you’ve ever had.

And we don’t have to dive right in. We can spend some time talking, laughing, cuddling, massaging, let the experience linger. The best part about a legal brothel is that there is no tenseness, no hesitation. I am there for you, ready to accommodate your passions and desires. We can have fun and enjoy every single moment of it together. I love to spoil and pamper—it’s what I’m best at. Especially with first-timers, getting to introduce you to a once-in-a-lifetime erotic experience, well that’s just the cherry on top.

Test Your Skills, Hone Your Skills – Maybe it’s been awhile…We’ve all gone through some experience or life moment that interferes with our sex life. Whether divorced, widowed, or just a little rusty, you can depend on me to tempt you, flirt with you, seduce you, and find that sexual lothario buried within. I will make you feel as sensually explosive as you ever were.

For me, sex is intimately linked with passion. If passion still throbs within your veins and the thought of a soft silky touch makes your body tingle—then you’ve haven’t lost a thing. The erotic part of you is still there dying to get out. Who better to unleash all of that pent up sexual energy on, than an experienced and generous teacher, one with delectable curves, soft velvety skin and responsive delights. I bet you can feel myself wrapped around you already.

If you maybe you need a little more time to shake the rust off, then simply lay back and let me do all of the work. Pleasuring is what I’m best at after all. Or, if you want to take the lead, experiment, do those wild and naughty things that perhaps you never had the chance to do before—here I am! Don’t be afraid to climb back in that saddle—I promise I’ll be gentle, unless you don’t want me to.

Show me what you got – Be the guy that knocks my socks off. I am easy to please and you will be the man of the hour as you delight and excite and bring me to orgasm right before you very eyes. I will enthusiastically reciprocate all my delights indulged by you and we will be whisked away to the light fantastic at every turn as long as you like.

Overnights –  The sensual and passionate adventure does not have to stop after only an hour or two. As you may have heard, I can most definitely make it last all night long. Please note that overnights run well into the 5 digit dollar range.  Please do not ask for an overnight without being prepared to spend 5 digits (the legal brothel industry standard rate).  I hate to start correspondence with you shooting you down for an overnight because you are not able to meet the industry standard.  I realize the overnight experience sounds the most enticing and you see providers advertising it heavily. The reason it is so heavily advertised is because providers know they can make the most money by spending the most amount of time with you.  Get it?  Got it?  Great! Let’s do it if you can afford it.  Do not feel disauded by me.  I think you know by now that I’m a straight shooter, not a trickster.  I’d absolutely love to spend the night with you and leisurely climax all night long as the feelings arise.  I’d love to be able to wake up in your arms or not sleep at all in your arms, i just don’t want to have to immediately shoot you down because of price.

Want longer? Then stay for two or three nights. The pleasure and the experience only grow more and more intense.

We can get comfortable with one another really quickly and then from there it’s simply a matter of going where our minds and bodies take us. You may have a middle of the night urge, I want to be there to satisfy it. You may want a weekend escape that is filled with nothing but my body doing things to you in ways you’ve only dreamed about.

I can be the soft, sweet and demure little hostess granting every wish you have, or I can take the lead and give you hours upon hours of the kind of sex therapy that only I know how to perform. Overnights are my favorite because I get to wake up next to you and do it all over again.

GFE – An exciting new level of elite companionship, the Girlfriend Experience allows us to enact a real relationship for the duration of our time together. So many men come to me with situations they are trying to escape from or forget for just a little while. They want someone by their side that listens, pays attention to all of their needs and is a soft place to land for the evening.

Emotionally and physically we can indulge one another, get lost in each other’s company and experience a provocative and sensual connection that maybe you have never had before. Don’t worry; there are no strings and no commitment…just an unforgettable fantasy.

I am that Covergirl – Centerfold girlfriend poised only to pamper and spoil, fondle and caress and provide the kind of connection that you may be missing in your life.

Pamper Party – Unwind, leave your cares behind . You’re coming to the ranch for an all out, no holds barred, indulge in every fantasy you’ve ever had vacation. And this is exactly how my pamper parties are designed to treat you…

Your erotic fantasies gone wild—that’s the only way I can begin to describe this particular experience. Champagne, massages, oils, whatever you desire. Perhaps a bubble bath together, and while soaking in hot steamy water, do whatever comes natural. Maybe you want me to cook for you, wait on you and serve you to the best of my abilities. That, I can certainly do.

Erotic massage, sensual massage, Nuru massage from the very tip of your head to the bottoms of your feet and even your soul for that matter.  Outdoor, indoor, I am experienced in Korean, Thai, Swiss and Deep Tissue Massage.

Tandem massage – If pampering means becoming the sole object of sexual desire in a room of two maybe even three women, you will be extremely pleased by what we can offer. This is the epitome of pampering, and this is where fantasy truly does become reality.

Virgins – Being a virgin is not a bad thing. Some associate a stigma with virginity, especially if you are above a certain age; that’s not the case at all…In fact, this makes it that much more enjoyable for me. When your first time is with an experienced teacher, prepared to guide you into the world of intimacy, passion, and the best sex you will ever have, well, let’s just say that is definitely one to write home about.

We can take our time and go as fast or slow, as you want. Your level of experience doesn’t matter—your willingness does. Let me show you the wonders of sensuality. Let me take you on an erotic journey that will truly blow your mind. I’m certain you’ve thought about that first sexual encounter…a lot, but I guarantee you never thought about it like this.

Sex is a natural part of life—and one of the most delicious parts. With me, it will be an immersive, drive-you-wild; never forgotten experience that allows you to feel things and do things that will surely change your life. Don’t be shy—especially if you’re a virgin. These are the kinds of one-on-one, flesh-to-to-flesh moments I savor the most. The things I will do, the positions we can explore together…you’ll be glad you waited.

Please know that I completely dig other women and In am especially in tuned to a “first-timers” apprehensions and sensitivities.

I know how romantic we all are at heart and I am completely aware how “monumental’ such an experience is, but I can put such a spin into it that no one feels pressured.

You’ll never feel like “Gee, I can’t screw this up’ or “I’m so ashamed of my body” (I’ll be the one casting those thoughts from my own mind).

You can expect no pressure to perform in any way. I’ll be completely at your service. I’ll appreciate you as a woman and the sexual Goddess you are, if not only for the reason you had the guts to “go through with it”.

The lady lays down the rules. Sometimes it’s an “Anything goes- complete all on – get it on- three ways!” Woo-hoo!!

Maybe the lady just wants to experience another woman with or without reciprocation and the man is “off limits”.

Often times I’m asked to show a particular technique be demonstrated on one or both of the partners.Sometimes what you thought you would be OK with kind of strikes a nerve–I’ll pick up on that and change direction and everything’s’ still real cool.

Sometimes I get a couple of “ringers” and we go at it like mad, and knock each other’s socks off until we are all useless for the next two days!

I’ve been known to host couples for an entire weekend. 

I recommend activities, dining, sight seeing, shopping, golf, resorts, hotels, casinos – the works. Some times I accompany and play hostess and travel guide all the while we all have our own little secret between us. Tee hee.

One thing I do know for sure is that, no matter what, you will leave feeling sexier than ever–fully confident, proud and with a renewed passion for your sex life–and no one has to know how you did it, and you don’t owe me anything once you leave.

There are no strings attached unless you want them. If you do, then I am glad to stay in touch with my new “Bedroom buddies”. It’s kind of really cool for you to have someone you can actually discuss your sex life with no judgment on my part at all.

It only stands to reason I would charge twice as much for two people; however, that doesn’t seem to be the case with me. For some reason, I feel uncomfortable negotiating strongly with women so what I’ve been doing is charging the man for a “no rules/no restrictions” party while the woman is free.

Experimentation – I am all for kinky, I am definitely in for wild, and the moves I have, the secrets I can divulge…let’s just say, you haven’t really experienced sex yet. The thing about fantasies is that there’s no telling what they might involve. From role-playing, to a little bondage, to well, anything your unleashed mind can think up, I am here to play.

This is about you and me stripping it down and getting real—oh so real! Maybe you have a wife or partner, and maybe you’re a little shy when it comes to explaining what you want, telling them about all of the things you would do if only they’d let you. Practice on me. This is what I am here for after all.

Perhaps you want me to do certain things to you—I will most definitely accommodate. You have no idea how accommodating I can be, especially when it comes to experimenting sexually. Just imagine how satisfied, how completely fulfilled you’ll feel afterward. Let me be your host at this erotic and sensual playground.

Fetish – I never judge—in fact, the wilder you are, the more fetishes you have, that can sometimes make things very interesting, not to mention extremely hot. Some people that come to me are intoxicated by certain parts of my body—can you blame them? We go from there and all I can say it is always a passionate, wild ride, one that no one wants to get off of.

Kinkiness and fetishes only enhance the sexual experience. Being with me in this place is about indulging in those fantasies that otherwise have remained locked away within your mind. It’s time to give me the key—let’s open that vault together. Let’s see just how wild and steamy we can make it. The pleasure truly is never-ending as long as you trust me on this journey of touching, feeling, embracing, kissing, really whatever you like.

BDSM, Bondage, Assertive Play – I am experienced AND educated in the realms of exotic play and the Chicken Ranch has the most area and dedicated space to a dungeon and erotic play area than I have ever seen or experienced at any legal brothel in Nevada, hands down, no doubt about it!  Let the extra sensualities and fun play start or expand with me.  My and your imaginations and desires are limitless.  Wanna give it a try for just a small amount of time or the whole experience?  Don’t be shy,  This is the perfect way to just get a taste or drench all your naughty desires and I am game, talented, educated and experienced in this realm.  Let me be your guide or even your muse!

Erectile Dysfunction – I can tell you one thing, this is your safe place. You come to me and your experience will be gentle, therapeutic and passionate as hell. So maybe you have a problem in that department, I’ve never met a man who doesn’t still love to be tantalized and perhaps even teased a bit regardless of his current capabilities. Trust me, we’ll find ways to make that passion erupt.

There’s a lot to be said for touching and holding, for feeling our way around one another’s bodies. And my massages, well let’s just say you won’t find this kind of massage in a spa. Even if you are having some performance issues, that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the most pleasurable thing in life: Sex. I can help you to embrace passion and intimacy again. If you’re nervous and simply want to watch or your wish is to pleasure me, by all means, my body is yours for the asking.

With a certification in sex therapy, I am the perfect go-to girl to cure what ails you. I am the fantasy brought to life; come to me and I will search the depths of your sensual side every way I know how to try and make the magic happen again.

Sexuality Education & Restructuring – Sexuality education specializing in, mature virgins, singles, couples & groups. Sexual attitude restructuring; individual & group. Asperger’s Syndrome sexuality issues; sexual and cultural diversity issues. Sexual surrogate and licensed sex worker with decades of experience. Hands on therapy available for all comfort levels in a unique, legal and safe manner exclusively via a reputable licensed legal brothel in Nevada that maintains my own license to practice at it. Add my certifications in sex education, clinical sexology; certified sexologist and loveologist along with my continuing studies towards my Doctorate In Human Sexuality and I am very perfectly capable and genuinely suited in addressing a plethora of sexual and interpersonal concerns and interests.

I offer a unique approach to Life Coaching with an emphasis on Sexuality. It is a multi-dimensional, goal-oriented approach to finding practical solutions to current or long-standing sexuality and intimacy concerns. Whether you are single or in a relationship, Compassionate Conversation can ease concerns about many issues related to intimacy. Be sure to contact me

Baby Boomers  ages 54-73 is a pretty huge gap, but I understand where you are coming from in your generations and attitudes towards sex.  My vast experience includes catering to men of all ages and while I can’t put any group of people in one class.  This is not a one size fits all.  I just want you to know that I am comfortable and I easily relate and deliver the goods for all ages and generations.  I am actually “of” your generation less than a year.  I have matured with you,  and although my knowledge is vast, I am still a strapping teenie bopper at heart.

Interrupted  Sex Life – Any number of 100’s of reasons can stall one’s sex life.  Let’s get you back in the saddle and on your way to a rewarding and fulfilling sex life.  Add me – the best sex of your life – to make up for every minute of sex you missed.  let’s get you Back in The Saddle!

Sexless Marriage – It happens more often than anyone could guess, no problem, he or she probably wouldn’t even ever mind you seeing a professional, they just never want to know it happened.  You can rest assured that what happens at the Chicken ranch, stays at the Chicken Ranch!

Sex Education & Improvement –I know so many sexual satisfaction tidbits that I am a veritable walking Encyclopedia Brittanica (or Google Search engine) on the topics of sex all encompassing. I am a teacher at heart because I am a human sponge for knowledge.  It’s always worth getting better at anything and everything in life – oh my getting better in the bedroom pays off the most!  I have a Doctorates Degree in Education specializing in Human Sexuality.  I am a  Certified Sexologist and you can see all my Formal Education here.  I am the most educated and experienced (with proof) legal escort in the world!

Role Play – Oh boy, the creative sexual mind has no bounds and I appreciate and love all the planning that goes into your fantasies.  The role play is definitely high on my list of favorite things to do. The role play parties are certainly my most memorable.  This is the place to do it and I am the person to do it with.

Cross Dress – Another of my favorite parties to watch you live out your fantasy. Caitlin Jenner allowed a peek into the cross dresser lifestyle. Let’s get all dressed up and go out, or just strut our stuff around the Bunnyranch.  Wanna keep it under wraps?  We can do that too.

Toy Play – My knowledge of the best sex toys is unequaled. I have been a sex toy company ambassador, tester and critic for several years now. A party with me just to get the low down on sex toys and the best ways to use them is absolutely worth every effort you make to come see me.

Fetish – Of course your fetish is perfectly acceptable with me.  I learned early on that fetish plays a large role in my profession.  I embrace and give you a totally safe place to enact your fetishes.

Light to Heavy S & M – I am a switch, so either way is OK by me and I am educated and certified to make your  passion or curiosity a safe and fulfilling experience.

Anal  – Ooooh yeah!  – I perfom and enjoy anal penetration in at least four different positions, let’s see if we can add another.

Pegging – Once you go “back” you will never go back.  Back door pleasure opens the door to levels of sexual thrills barely imagined.  Try this out with me and know you are in good hands to open the wide world of sex and pegging.

Around the World – Let’s satisfy every sexual orifice any way you like it or let me have my choice of ways to pleasure you with vaginal, oral and anal play.

Pearl Necklace – There is just something so erotically bad in letting you squirt your hot cum all over my tits and I know you love to see your hot semen all over me.

Breast Sex – I just know you can’t look at me and not fantasize your cock in between my huge fuckable, suckable boobs.  Best breast sex ever!

Hard Core – I’m game for some hard core sex.  I know you have thought about it.  Let’s do it, no fear!

Gang Bang –  The Chicken Ranch is where you can make this fantasy real.  Let’s orchestrate a gang bang!  (Not on my all incusive menu, but very doable).

69 – This is one of my favorites too. Both of us simultaneously reaching orgasm is one of the best feelings you will ever have. I love, love, love 69!

Double Penetration – Ok so so how would you like to feel your cock being massaged by another member  -real or manufactured – inside me the same time you are?

Squirting/Female Ejaculation on Command – My only regret is that I did not master this ability sooner.  I’ll show you how to make me squirt and – gals let me show you how to do it too.

Couples – The reasons to see me as a couple are as varied as the types of parties we have.  Every one of my couples parties are tailored to your comfort levels and expectations. No judgment in any way here.  We just get it on and have fun. Ladies, I applaud your courage, let me hold your hand before you get here, while you are here and forevermore or nevermore as you wish!

Women – How about we explore each other without paying attention to a guy too. Feel the power of paying for pussy!

Intimate or Sexological Hypnosis – Yes, this is a thing.  I am a certified hypnotherapist and we can apply it’s uses towards any number of sexological issues and enhancements.

My Orgies & 2 Girl Parties – are not included, but available at an additional cost.  My two girl parties and my cunninlingus is raved about world wide.  Everybody loves to party with Air Force Amy!

Unlimited Positions –  Let’s do as many positions as you like, I know the whole Kama Sutra of sexual positions.  Would you like to test me?

Unlimited Ejaculations – And I pride myself on bringing you to “always one more” orgasm before your time is up.  yes, i can work many times work miracles.  Where you thought you could not squeeze out another one, watch me make this happen with you!

Happy Endings – My hand relief parties are unequaled.  You just simply have not had a hand release until you have experienced my type hand release.  Try me out!

Real Orgasms – I hereby testify all my orgasms are real. It takes me just as much energy to fake an orgasm as it does to get a one.  It would be silly of me to rob myself the real “o”.

Kissing –  Yes, kissing does introduce more passion, more genuine connection and another level of connection that I certainly love to explore with you. I don’t mind teaching how to kiss too.

Blow Job – Champagne  Blow Job, Hot Cold Blow Job, Deep Throat like No Other!

Hand Job – I know exactly how to handle your member and stroke you to epic heights of release.

Straight Sex – This usually means vanilla, no frills, nothing out of the ordinary sex, but that is practically unheard of with me.  Everything I do is extraordinary.

Half and Half – Usually means ½ oral sex and ½  intercourse. Oral sex to get you up, intercourse to get you off, vice versa

Missionary – Usually the man on top of me , face to face , vertical with me laying flat, legs up around you or flat on the bed.  My hips do a a lot of bumping and grinding to get to you in this position.

Doggie Style.- Get behind me and penetrate me baby.  On my knees or standing up, I have mirrors so you can watch my facial expressions and my breasts a bouncing delightfully while you look so manly behind me.

Spooning – Let’s spoon together and slide your member into me from behind.  You will be delighted.

69 – You eat me while I blow you.  Me on top or you on top, either way is my favorite.  Let’s try both!

Anal – I take anal in at least flour positions.  Think about it.

Pegging – Let me give you the pleasure of anal orgasms.  Let me, the professional, do this to you – no pain, just gain.

Prostrate Massage – Ah another male delight. A sexual connoisseur must have.  Let me massage you in the area that will make your explosion that of epic and out of this world proportions

Nuru Massage – Japanese erotic massage. I rub my nude and oiled body against yours for the erotic massage of a lifetime.

Vibrator Show – I’ll show you my favorite vibrator toys that bring me to screaming “O” satisfaction.  I’ll give you a show and or show you how to you use them on me

Bachelor Party – Let me send your bachelor into a life of married bliss with one amazing memory of his last shebang at the Chicken Ranch.  Then again, I might just ruin you with the best sex ever.  Think about it.  Then again, you will no where to come if/when you find your marriage sexless.

Orgies – Me, you your partner. Let’s have e the best good clean safe fun together, no strings attached.

Foot Fetish – My freshly pedicured and polished feet are yours for the worshipping

Dungeons – Like a little dark side to your tickle your erotic side. Welcome to my don property dungeon.  The Chicken Ranch has the most comprehensive dungeon in all of Nevada legal brothels, period.

Viagra Party – Get a RX from your own Doctor for ED and we can visit while it takes effect and then proceed to get the sex life of your 20’s back!

Full French – Kssing, rimming, and oral to me?  All of the above, almost nothing is off limits in my parties.

Sybian Experience– You are in control of the most powerful sex machine ever made for the female population.  I’ll straddle this machine wile you drive me in and out of sexual ecstasy at your command.

Rimming – or Analingus hold on and get ready for the thrils of a lifetime using the tongue giving or receiving licking, penetrating of the tongue, sucking kissing and all the ways of orally stimulating my and or your anus.

Erotic Massage – I am a spa nymph and enjoy as many type of massage as you can imagine.  I can perform almost any type massage on you.  Lie down, relax, let me massage the entire world away and enter the realm of sexual entice and pleasure.

Spanking – The erotic heat created by spanking, the thrill of being punished or just good spank on the ass while you fucking me, a god smack to create some heat is not off the table.

MILF Fantasy – I don’t have any children, but I can surely pass as that mother you would like to fuck.  Hit me up.  I have the experience and maturity and patience that you desire, plus I am hottest, sexiest MILF you ever find!

XXX Fantasy – All your fantasies as wild or tame as they may be.  Let me be the professional to fulfill them for you.

Free Porn & Porn Videos –  porn videos always get me in the mood and make me horny to watch them.  Let’s definitely have our porn playing while we an enjoy each other and build up our desires and get the passion flowing.

Sex Tapes – We can even make our own private sex tape (with restrictions).

Tantric Sex – Enter the world of mysticism and erotic pleasures quite neglected but well worth taking the time to enter with a professional such as myself that can take you there.

Dinner Dates – Break the ice and get to know each other over a romantic dining experience or just extend the time we have with each other, and oh yeah, show me off as your arm candy as I dress accordingly and behave like the lady on the streets and the nympho in the sheets.

Whipped Cream Party, Hot Fudge, 9 and ½ weeks party.  Many lotions foods, tastes and textures heighten the levels of sexual ecstasy.  This is another entire menu of delights added to sexual pleasures

My Escort Services Coming Soon –  Excursions, day trip, dinner, events, sight seeing or just a more intimate and various settings to your taste.  Lifestyles of the rich and famous, a haunted mining town, natural wonders, Las Vegas.  Make a whole weekend or vacation including a ready and willing partner with all your desires within legal limits attended to. It’s truly the only way to travel; I wish I could order something like that for myself….

Voyeurism & Exhibitionism – who hasn’t felt the thrill of being watched or catching a naughty, peek of someone else? Let’s do it here in safe environment.  See how erotic this really is with me.

Girlfriend ExperienceGFE– OK, so I not only do I provide the GFE and the most genuine and enthusiastic GFE on the planet; I have perfected the GFE to unequalled heights!

Porn Star Experience – Over the top sex, high energy, raw passion, try a move you saw in your favorite porn.  Let’s go pro baby!

Pamper Parties – I just know men really don’t take the time to pamper themselves, let me do that for you. Massage, bubble bath.  I devote 100% attention to you!

King for a Day – This is your day; it’s all about you.  Take a break; let me bow to your every beckon need.

Bubble Baths – A lot of men feel silly taking a bubble bath by themselves.  Well, add me and I am your perfect excuse for a bubble bath. Scalp massage/ foot massage, bubble show…..

Indoor/Outdoor/in Pool Jacuzzis. – Outdoor Jacuzzi under the stars, another in our pool grotto with optic light shows.  Just stay in our VIOP suite and Jacuzzi there with me.

Pool Parties –  I love to include a skinny dip in our grotto and pool at the Chicken Rach, mostly during the summer months, but it is not out of the question for my polar bears out there too.

Shower Parties – I understand your fantasy of having me in the shower with you.  Wet is great anytime in my book.

Erotic and Full Body Massage – Thai, Korean, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Tantric, Kama Sutra, Reflexology, Sensual, massage certified, no. Experienced, yes.  The best you ever had, most likely.

Intimate Dining – Let’s go on a real date.  When is the last time you were on a date?  How about a date and you know you will score with when you get back to the bedroom.  How about just get some practice dating in for the real world.

Travel Guide/Travel Partner Coming Soon.– Staycations, excursions, sight seeing, walk abouts.  I am your perfect travel partner anywhere in Nevada.

Erotic Movies – Are such a turn on for me, are they a turn on for you?  Let’s get hot and horny all sexed up this sway too.

Stories, tons of stories – who doesn’t like a good story, but I am talking about the erotic kind that I can tell you that blow your erotic mind

Sex Games. – Any reason to take my clothes off, get sexual and have fun is a good reason for me.  Do you want to play a game?

Dirty Talk – I love to nestle up your side and work my way up to you ear and whisper the naughtiest things to you.  Let me teach you how to talk dirty that won’t offend.

Pillow Talk -Tell me all about it babe, I will attentively listen until I feel the need to slide you back into me.;

No Rush – I never like to rush anything, ever.  Except myself when I am on my way to be with you.

Strip Tease and Burlesque – What a lovely form of foreplay for me to tantalize, tease and get your erection pointed in my direction.

Lingerie Requests – Vintage, garters, crotch less panties,     tell me how to surprise you with lingerie that turns you on.

Costume / Clothing requests – The only limitation is your imagination. With a little notice, I will dress any way you like.

Extended Stays.  Stay with me. Just stay a little longer baby.  The time goes by so fast when we are having fun.

Overnights, – Over nights that start at anytime of the day, just make sure we wake up in each other’s arms, better yet, how about waking up with your member in my mouth.

Multiple Days – Deep discounts abound once you book multiple days.  This is what I like.

Keepsake Photos – Selfies?  Of course!

Souvenirs – After we have a really super fantastic time, be sure to choose a personalized souvenir for yourself and all your friends.

Autographs.  Yes, but you have to see me and get them in person.

Air Force Amy’s Latest Book, Hot Off The Press., personally autographed.

Air Force Amy Book

“Air Force Amy’s Favorite Sex quotes of ALL Time”.


Why I am The BEST sex you will ever have!

OK, so why is my sex the best you will ever have?  Well one of many, many reasons is that I have developed control over every muscle in my body; I’m talking every muscle!

Think about it, cheek muscles that massage, pulsate, inhale, glide and tumble you between my tongue that does push ups and curls for you as it mounts, maneuvers and tosses your member around my mouth.  You fill my mouth and I enjoy the feel of your veins pumping all that erection juice to your swollen tool while every single muscle in my mouth, lips and throat attend to all the erotic stimulation points you never even knew you had.  My tireless tongue and mouth toss, flutter and guide you to my waiting open throat that you to try to choke with your love muscle and alas you find my throat is an entirely new thrill ride that you barely understand what is happening. I caress and roll over the ridges, I stroke, massage, and exercise my throat muscles that now toss your love gun around like a gum ball and suck that semen right out of you and down my deep throat. It’s crazy, it’s phenomenal, it’s not of this world – my fellatio is that of the Gods.

I know how to adjust the two of us to just the right angles for optimum pleasure.  I go at your speed and then I rev it up a bit and then I drop a totally incredible mind blowing move on you. You and I waver between explosion and stellar bliss, your head is swimming and not really attached to your body.  I get you so incredibly sensitive to touch and I cover the whole body and pleasure point in my treasure trove of intimate knowledge. I have so many sexual gifts and skills that you seriously have to experience me for yourself.

It’s been said that I can squeeze the condom off a cigar, tie a bow on it and leave at your front door before you get home – no hands!

Hey, you can’t do this as long as me and not come up with an arsenal intimate prowess.  I am the Ultimate Authority on Sexual Adventures.  I am the best sex you will ever have!

Not only have I developed my talents throughout the years, I was actually born with an unnatural gift and uncanny knowledge of sexual pleasures.

Now, this is just the tiniest sample of what I have to offer.  Join my OnlyFans for more erotic descriptions of my amazing skills or just trust that the rest of my body and mind are truly as spectacular as my upside down, backwards deep throat, fuck my face, swallow your cum blow job.  Better yet, Come see me, book your appointment now.