How to Hook Up With Air Force Amy 

at The Chickenranch, Las Vegas

A, B, C, Done!

A. Pick a date/time and let me know (email) so I can let you know if it’s available.  Chances are very good that it will be….

April 23- 30

May 13 – 28

Jul 02 – Jul 15

July 30 – Aug 12

Aug 27 – Sep 09

Sep 24 – Oct 07

Nov 05 – Nov 18

Dec 26 – Jan 09

B. You call in a small good faith deposit to the Chicken Ranch. Call 1-877-585-2397 or 

Online at.   Password: reserve

C. Show up for your appointment


Additional Suggestions:

Read any links I may suggest for you to read. They will give you the information you need to know specific to your inquiry.

Please take the time to visit my website and especially read the below links

Take the time to read the FAQ link because it answers all the most commonly asked questions and just about everything ever asked of me.

Browse my reviews (testimonials) because they give you the best idea of the wide range of options and possibilities you and I have to play around with. I have the them conveniently grouped into the four most general categories of what most people are looking for.

Please read my explanation of rates as it is very important for you to understand how pricing, per management standards, works and then please be prepared to make me an offer of a “ballpark amount” of the very most you can spend for this, being one of the best things you will ever do for yourself in your entire life.

Look into travel arrangements for the dates you want to be here and let me know if you would like to use my complimentary ground transportation and also if you may want lodging recommendations. It’s also very helpful for me to know where you are coming from and how long you plan on being in the area so I might be of more assistance in your planning. My FAQ also gives you more travel planning information.

Be prepared to place a deposit to secure your appointment with me. (Good towards your purchase) via phone through the Chickenranch cashier on duty 24 hrs. a day The more expediently you can do this, the more seriously I can take you and the more we can correspond and then I can even give you my personal cell # that NO ONE gets without a deposit or having already met me.


1.Discreet ChickenRanch online deposits  Password:  Reserve

2. You can place a deposit via phone and per a major credit or debit card.

Call 877-585-2397 and ask for the cashier and tell her you would like to place a deposit for Air Force Amy and she will prompt you for the information she needs for you to complete the very simple process.

3.  You can also place a deposit via bank wire transfer and the cashier can give you instructions on that option as well

HOW MUCH IS THE DEPOSIT? There is not a set amount of money you have to place for a deposit. Most ladies like you to place 10% of what you intend to spend so they can estimate the amount of time to block for you. For me, you can place whatever amount you are comfortable with. I just need you to perform this gesture so that I know you are serious.

DEPOSIT & CANCELLATION POLICY. I don’t live on property at the Chickenranch. I put in an extreme amount of time and effort into preparing for your visit with me. So, my policy for no call, no show appointments with me is – no refund of deposit. Each cancellation is handled by myself and management on a case by case basis as to whether you will get a full refund of your deposit. I prefer to reschedule your appointment rather than keep your deposit.

It’s a simple as that

Be Prepared to Be Amazed!

So, Please let me know now when you can come see me.

Thank you & All My Love,

Air Force Amy