More recently you have monikered yourself “The Patriotic Prostitute”, why is that?

Easy,  I’ve decided to “come out” as a MAGA supporter even though it may alienate the entire Democratic political party and the potential clients and fans I would normally enjoy there within.

I feel it is my patriotic duty as a God-loving, hard-working, tax-paying American citizen to continue to support a freedom-loving way of life.  I’ve written and published “My MAGA Manifesto, by Air Force Amy, The Patriotic Prostitute” on my website because I feel I need to put even more of my own skin in the game this upcoming Federal election.  I can’t sit quietly and blindly hope or think that my vote will go in the favor of the American people and our way of life.  I feel the upcoming election will permanently determine the trajectory of our freedom, either to our success or demise. I would hate to see the demise of our country and think I could have said something.  I would hate to see my tiny little platform go to waste and I need to know that I did fight for our freedoms; that I did say and do something.  I tried, I fought and I will continue to fight for the constitution of the United States of America and the rights of the American people our American way of life and our leadership role as a mega power on the world stage.

Have you always held strong political opinions?

No, I was actually quite naïve, uninformed and disinterested in politics until President Trump got into the political arena and I started paying more attention to other than the legacy media that feeds and lies to the benefit of the left and to the detriment of the right.



I believe in the beauty and glory of our major cities as opposed to what they have become.  I believe in America first and I believe in draining the swamp.  I believe in “taking care of our own, leaving no one behind, and I champion the ERA.

I think most Americans fall somewhere in the middle of the hard right and hard left.  We are not, today, as racist as the media would fuel you to believe.  I recognize the effects and atrocities of white supremacy but that the current climate fueled by the current administration, especially Kamala, is regressing race wars back decades.

Most of us, like myself probably believe “my body, my choice” and that includes vaccines too..  We want our elders and our weak to be taken care of.  We welcome immigrants lawfully and safely.

We honor our Veterans above all. I personally believe Veterans should have a month, instead of a day of celebration and reflection for their actions as opposed to and instead of celebrating an entire month to reflect and celebrate the way a person was born or their sexual preference.

I believe our children should not be forced and subject to sexual material and flagrant displays of nude and erotic terrorism.  I don’t believe children, not of age to possess a driver’s license, should be able to make their own permanent elective medical decisions.  I like less government, less taxation and lower fuel prices.  I don’t believe I should be forced to drive an electric vehicle.

I don’t support transgenders competing in women’s sports.  I think transgenders can make a more impactful statement by competing in male sports while dressing like a female,  I believe people are born male or female and some on the fence.  Do not impede on the male or female gender. Make a third gender instead of further erasing the woman from society. On the other side of the coin, I think our men are being feminized, and our foods are poisoned.

Don’t force me to guess and be penalized for calling someone a pronoun other than what they themselves made up in their own mind.

I don’t like being flagrantly lied to and gas lighted by Washington, it reminds me too much of how Putin dictates.  I don’t like giving billions in tax dollars to prefabricated war in Ukraine that fuels the pockets of tyrants and kills millions of innocent people and destroys their homes and way of life for the sake of laundering money to the elite.  I think that if we wanted to, we could get rid of Putin but that our current administration does not want to because it’s too lucrative for them.

Our FDA and CDC and other government organizations that are supposed to help us are infiltrated by big business and bought for their own profits at the American people’s expense and health. I believe our farmlands and food sources are being destroyed and a government man made famine is very soon on the horizon.

I think the woke culture that forces the hiring of incapable people based only on their gender or race is infiltrating the very fabric of industries creating dangerous and fatal operations of all major woke business, to the favor of few at the detriment of all. Discrimination is against the law and violates our constitution, period.

I think men dressing in female uniform makes us a laughing stock of the world.  I think the feeble and extremely demented Joe Biden makes us a laughing stock to the whole world.  I think cackling, sing song, nursery rhyme Kamala Harris makes us the laughing stock of the whole world.  I think Hillary Clinton appointed Cackling Kamala in retaliation for not be elected POTUS.

I think the Bidens should be held culpable for their treasons and illegal activities instead of being allowed to create and utilize a weaponized DOJ that enables their election interference.  A two tiered justice system needs reform.  The Washington public servants need to make public their investment strategies.  What’s good for thee is good for we.

I think the United Nations is weak and infiltrated and led by – I just don’t even know what yet…..they are pussified and controlled by inadequate, non sensical and tyrannical rule.

Fauci needs to be held accountable, big pharma owes reparations to all forced to take the vaccine.  Everyone that was forced to the vaccine should get tax breaks.  The airlines need to bail themselves out or fail.  At $32M a year, the Boeing CEO should be held accountable for sink or swim of Boeing.

China needs to be held accountable for the Chinese pandemic. I think out next invisible fear created by a tyranical government will be either or all  – another pandemic, food shortage, invisible aliens and just complete decimation of the USD.

I think big tech should be held accountable for election interference & censorship.

I think for every felony an illegal alien commits, 25,000 of them should be deported and or put in interment camps. I think we have plenty of desert that we can make refugee camps into. Put them on Mothball Fleet.  OK, those were some strong words.  But hey, how would you feel if your daughter was raped and murdered by an illegal immigrant? How will you feel when thousands of Americans die on home soil in the next terrorist attack on home soil?

I’m not done… this is a work in progress.  Check back often.