A Detailed – How I Work it & How it Works with Air Force Amy.

Once I get your emai, I want to answer all your questions and help you as expediently, kindly and thoroughly as possible.  I’m only one email away from you to begin living the dream with me.
This is the long winded version.  For the quick easy steps to take to see me  click here.

I understand that you may have never done anything like this before, you would like to know how the process works. You might want to know if I even perform certain services, what to expect and what are the prices. This article will answer all those questions and more! I have also developed this website over the course of many years and it is your best source of information for your first time experience with me.

I am your best and number one choice for

  • your perfect “first time”
  • a perfect addition to your vacation
  • a perfect addition to your business trip
  • a perfect no strings attached and most discreet tryst
  • the perfectly compassionate, intimate and caring learning environment
  • the perfect celebration
  • the perfect helping hand “get your groove” back
  • the perfect erotic training and experiment ground
  • the perfect travel partner extraordinaire (planning included)
  • and even a perfect new romantic relationship

I make sure your time with me is as special as you imagine and because of all my experience, I add all the details that make our time together even more magical than you could ever dream of-  and – the absolute experience of a lifetime and every time we are together.

I specialize in virgins, especially mature virgins, those a bit rusty or looking to enhance their bedroom or interpersonal skills, the best girlfriend experiences, extended and overnight stays and I love to get to know you and spend some time with you and do some things and travel extensively.

I love being able to make all your wishes come true. I love being able to bring you friendliness, kindness, compassion, happiness, healing, fulfillment, erotica at it’s best, the best sex you will ever have , and many times the experience that changes your life for the better – forever in a good way.

I love a good deal more than your average consumer and I make sure you get a great deal, better than a fair price, and many specials and discounts for many reasons. Hint: Follow me on all my social media and sign up for my newsletter for last minute deals and special events.

I am your best and number one choice. Do not think I am stretching the truth with these statements; I can and do back them up. AND my superior skills are freebie add-ons just because you chose me. Please know I do not charge more than my peers, I just add more to your experience free of charge.

Know that I am personally here for you all the way!    A couple more steps and you can certainly be here at the World Famous Chicken Ranch and in the arms of the world’s most celebrated legal courtesan of all time, me!

1.  Be on the lookout for my next reply to you.  Usually within minutes, hours and or sometimes the following day.  After you reply to my next email we will be well on our way to tailoring the perfect experience for you/yours and me.

2.  Visit my website and take your time there exploring all I’ve created for you.  Click the hamburger in the top right corner to see more helpful pages and links. Take the time to read my FAQ  because it answers all the most commonly asked questions and just about everything ever asked of me.

3.  Browse my reviews. 

4.  Please read my explanation of rates , as it is very important for you to understand how pricing works. It’s perfectly ok to make me an offer of a “ballpark amount” of the very most you can spend on you, which will be one of the best things you will ever do for yourself in your entire life.

5.  Please be considerate and don’t make ridiculously low offers (less than $1000.) thinking this is where we negotiate a price back and forth, because it is not and I just am not allowed to do that via email and you always get the best deal face to face with me anyhow.  Understand that I can almost never give you the time we need for less than $1,000.00 while the legal brothel gets 50% of that and for many other reasons further explained in my rates page.  You can also learn all the absolutely 100% discreet forms of payment the Chicken Ranch does and does not accept.

6.  Enjoy getting to know me and my very personal details about me that I have taken the time over many years to compile for you.  My Twitter accounts have my most current daily photos and videos that I am allowed to post of myself in the nude and I’d say 99% of them are un-edited.  Please follow me on Twitter, as that is where I will also post last minute specials and special events that you don’t want to miss.  You can see more of my glamour and major magazine published galleries on my 100% free website.  The only place to find my XXX content is at my  OnlyFans Account.

7.   Note my tour dates and please plan to see me within these dates.

I can accommodate more dates if you make it economically beneficial for me to do so.

It’s also very helpful for me to know where you are coming from and how long you plan on being in the area so I might be of more assistance in your planning.

8.  Be prepared to place a deposit to secure your appointment with me. No set amount, usually 10% of what you intend to spend so I can roughly estimate how much time to block for you. (Good towards your purchase) either through our online deposit system.

Or via phone through the Chicken Ranch cashier on duty 24 hrs. a day  877-585-2397 The more expediently you can do this, the more seriously I can take you and the more we can correspond and then I can even give you my personal cell # that no one gets without a deposit or having already met me.  Instructions for placing a deposit are also found in my  FAQ.

Does the Chicken Ranch offer complimentary transportation?

No.  The transportation service is not free.  It will cost you 10-15% of your booking., which is the cost I have pay for you to use the transportation service and the price I upcharge for the loss I incur.

I implore you to arrange other modes of transportation as the same is true for Taxi, Uber and Lyft too.

Please choose to drive yourself via a rental car or your own transportation.  If that is absolutely not possible please use our trusted Uber driver for only a 10% upcharge and please contact me for that information.

I fully, wholeheartedly, and humbly appreciate all the time and effort you place into visiting me at The Chicken Ranch. I am amazed at the lengths so many people go to get to Pahrump, NV to see me or visit the Chicken Ranch.  Your efforts do not go unnoticed by me.  Likewise, my tenure and client retention rate does not go unnoticed by the owner and management.  My clients, this will include you, are definitely afforded many luxuries, freebies and safe exceptions to many rules incurred by my peers.

I am and I joyfully, generously and meticulously show you the best I have to offer and you will experience why I am the very best in the biz, a living legend in the world of sex and your ultimate authority on sex and intimate relations.  I really am your ultimate supreme choice for everything you are looking for (except a cheap, quick roll in the hay with no meaning except to get paid and get it over with).

I am so glad you chose me because I get to do all these things for you that I absolutely love and enjoy. Activities that challenge my creativity, thoughtfulness, and resources that allow us to enjoy each other and my hard-earned privileges I am able to share with you.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Please don’t forget to follow the steps I outlined above and visit and read the links below

If you don’t hear from me within 12-24 hours or need to contact me for a same day appointment, you can call the cashier at the Chicken Ranch  877-585-2397 or you can request same day appointments via my booking page at the Chicken Ranch.

I’ve put an incredible amount of time and money into personalizing and adding every amenity conceivable to my super lavishly appointed suite and you do not have to pay extra for that either.  It’s also another bonus you get for choosing me.  We do have other super high roller suites and full blown luxury bungalows for use on property that are totally worth the additional fees.  You and I definitely have first dibs and run of the house on those.

We have many luxurious amenities to enjoy at the Chicken Ranch, including themed bungalows, a dungeon, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a huge gazebo and fir pit excellent for desert views of the night time skies and stars so bright you think you can touch them.  Outdoor and Nuru massage with a pool party add on is one of my client favorites. Food and drinks to order and taste are always available. We have a full service bar with lounge areas and a pool table. We have our own personal runway and even a Heli-pad.

And that’s about all I can think of right now.  I hope this helps you make a good, informed decision to visit me to fulfill all your fantasies.  I am honored and grateful to be part of your intimate journey in life.

Thank you very, very much,

All my Love,

Air Force Amy

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