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Air Force Amy is a World Famous Sex Worker, HBO Star, Model, Cover Girl, Author and Celebrity Speaker. Air Force Amy is an independent contractor providing adult services exclusively at the Bunnyranch near Carson City, (not Las Vegas) Nevada.

Air Force Amy is The Most Popular Bunnyranch Legal Prostitute and a Ten Time Bunny of the Year through 2014.

Air Force Amy is considered a A Living Legend in the World of Sex. Air Force Amy is Voted Best Legal Escort in NV and The Best Bunnyranch Legal Prostitute of All Time.

Air Force Amy is a Certified Love Coach, Loveologist, Sex & Relationship Coach, Clinical Sexologist and she is currently completing her Masters Degree in Human Sexuality and she is also studying Intimate Hypnosis.

Air Force Amy Provides a Multitude of Services to Include Legal Escort, In Call, Out call, GFE, Companionship, Travel, Sex Vacations, Sex Education and Improvements, Sex Advice, Personalized Packages and The Best Sex You Will Ever Have. Air Force Amy caters to Virgins of all Ages, Couples, Men and Women from all walks of life and to those of all Ages over 18.

Air Force Amy caters to all levels of physical and sexual ability and a to an immense variety of sexual, relational and companionship interests.

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❤ ❤ ❤ VIRGINS ❤ ❤ ❤ YOUR 1ST TIME ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ IS IT TOO LATE FOR YOU?❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


These days, men of all ages are virgins for all sorts of reasons and let me tell you, there is no shame in that! There are few topics more fraught with anxiety and confusion – for men and women – than the idea of virginity. I can’t count the number of letters I’ve received from people desperately afraid that they’ve “left it too late”.

Some may have had physical intercourse with another person – oral sex, mutual masturbation, possibly even anal sex – but consider themselves virgins because they’ve never had penile/vaginal sex. Others may have had penetrative sex but not “count” it for one reason or another. Still others may have never so much as held hands with someone who wasn’t a family member.

Because of all of the importance placed on the concept of virginity, many people are convinced that having passed some arbitrary cut-off point renders them utterly unlovable. Or they think that although they’re getting older they will never truly be adult because they’ve never crossed the finish line.

But – and you had to know that a “but” was coming – is it too late for you? What are these late-bloomers supposed to do?

Well, when the time does come and you decide you want to have sex for the first time, I’d like to think I’m the perfect person to do it with.

For most people, their first time is really awkward. But not when it’s with me. I know that this is a big moment for you and that’s exactly how I’ll treat it. I will make you comfortable. I will help relax you (I have an arsenal of tricks at my disposal to ease into to the main course). I will be kind and I will be gentle. But I will also be passionate and as wild as you want me to be. Ask me any questions you like. By the end of your time with me, you’ll feel like sex is the best and most natural thing in the world.

I want to make this a first time you will never forget! We’ll try all sorts of sensual, sexual and effective techniques and positions that will be tailored for your unique erogenous zones. I also want to give you some new skills to take out into the world and impress the ladies. So you can try things on me too (with guidance if you need it) to see what might please other women.

I want our time together to be fun, informative, intimate and naughty. I want to give you some of the best memories of your life.



Is it strange that I’m 25-35 years+ and still a virgin?

No, not at all. I’ve heard from, helped and had a really great time with many virgins of all ages. You are not alone and I do not think you or your circumstances are strange.


I’m only 18-24. Will you still see me?

Absolutely! This whole article applies to you too!


I’m afraid that you are too experienced for me              OR

My self esteem with women is nonexistent. I’m too chubby / too skinny / too_______/ not _______ enough (“fill in the blank”) & I’m not packing anything special down there.

I understand your concern but you honestly have nothing to worry about in any of these respects with me. It’s actually my experience that allows me to be so patient and easygoing and to be able to teach in a soft, loving, sensual and fun manner. I am so down to earth and the absolute opposite of conceited and I could never look down on a nice person.

My tenure and success at The BunnyRanch speaks volumes about my true love of what I do. I am extremely empathetic and I never judge. If I was a judgmental person, I would never have lasted as long or been as successful as I am in this industry…it just wouldn’t work!

It might surprise you to know that I was teased quite heavily as a child and in school and I am still bullied on the internet today. I know how it feels to think you don’t fit in and to question if people like you. In my own life I do not tolerate bullying, teasing or condescending, mean or phony people. And I make sure I would never, ever do that to someone else because I know how badly it hurts.

I am an advocate for the underdog. I believe everyone deserves to be treated kindly, lovingly, sincerely and fairly. I want you to feel good about yourself and more confident, self-assured, loved, loveable and capable of establishing a very rewarding, happy and healthy sex life after seeing me.


I’m really shy around women, primarily because I don’t know how to communicate well with them. I was wondering if we could exchange a few emails before I travel to Nevada?

Absolutely. I want you to be sure that you are comfortable with me, and in your decision to see me, and I want to reassure you that I can address all your concerns and desires.

I also like getting to know you better before we meet so I can add all the details (no matter how big or small) that make your experience tailored to just you and full of those extra special touches that no one else I know would think of for you.

I am also a huge help when you’re planning your trip to see me. I’ll give you advice on everything from airfares to free ground transportation, lodging and other fun and interesting things to do here in Northern Nevada.


What will you do to relax me, and what will we do?

I know many ways to relax you. We can talk and get to know each other in person for as long as you like before we get to the main course. You will find that I am fun and silly and really good at making you feel super comfortable with me. I can hold a conversation on just about any topic on earth!

I am also very good at listening and allowing you to talk and teach me something new too. I help you to come out of your shell by asking you easy questions about your interests, the town where you live, school, your work, places you’ve visited, past relationships or lack thereof ( if you like). Or we can just talk about me and The BunnyRanch…anything that helps you feel more comfortable.

I would love to tell you all my techniques I use to help you relax once we begin our session, and what exactly we will do throughout, but I do want to keep my skills there just a bit under wraps. It took me many years of experience and education to master all these techniques and I don’t want to just give those secrets away right here! But please do email me and I’ll happily share more details: airforceamy@bunnyranch.com


Here is a list of my further education, degrees and certifications that make me the number one choice for your first time:

What also sets me apart from all other providers in the Legal Brothel Industry in Nevada is that I am a Certified Love and Intimacy Coach.  See my Article here:

I have an Associates Degree in Sex Education and a Certificate in Clinical Sexology.  See my article here>

I am slated to complete my Master of Human Sexuality degree this year.

I am studying many more areas of human relations and sexuality leading to my Doctorate Degree in Human Sexuality and these greatly enhance my services to you. I am also joining the faculty at “The Institute for the Advancement of Human Sexuality” in San Francisco in early 2016.

I’ve just embarked upon my certification in Intimate Hypnosis which I am certain will help in many areas of sexual frustration.

So, in addition to my award winning services encompassing everything from companionship to very unique sexual (and many nonsexual) requests, I am officially schooled and certified to help you in many areas of sexual relations, sex education and intimacy. And especially, your “first time”.




AFA took my virginity…at…well, let’s just say at a very “advanced” age. All I can say is Amy is a total sweetheart and if you make it to the ranch you will not regret choosing her.

If you are a virgin, I am convinced there is NO ONE who will take better care of you than Amy… I was lucky enough to spend a few hours with her and she was amazing. It wasn’t about the money…it wasn’t even about the sex… I am a total cynic…but for 2+ hours I honestly believe that in HER mind Amy was my girlfriend…and all she wanted to do was please me.

-Wabbit Hunter


Unfortunately, I have had the misfortune of being overweight all my life, which has left me with low self-esteem and terrible shyness with women. I found myself still a virgin at age 33 and with no sight of my soul-mate to be found anywhere. But a few e-mails and one very nervous phone call later, I had an appointment to see Amy.

I must say, Amy is even more beautiful in person and my jaw must have dropped to the floor when I first saw her. After a warm hello hug, we talked for a while before we got our drinks and Amy took me for a tour of the facilities. Before long, we made the trip down to Amy’s room at the end of the hall. Knowing this was my first time, she had the room romantically lit in red to make things more relaxing. Air Force Amy was more than I could have ever imagined. I know she is more known for her wild side, but she has a very soft, gentle and romantic side as well. Not only did she make me feel very comfortable from the start, but she did wonders with my self-esteem and made me feel like a porn star.



“Amy was exceptional. My two hours flew by and I came three times. Amy you are THE BEST EVER!!!!
Thanks for making my first time so special.”

-First timer from Nashville


Amy has this way of talking to you, of laughing with you, of asking just the right questions and never judging, never assuming that made me feel really comfortable. I mean, even if I wasn’t going to her for you-know-what she would still be a girl I’d like to meet.

My confidence went way up (that’s not the only thing that went way up!) when I got Amy to cum just by her showing where to touch and kiss her and so many pointers, I’m sure I’ll remember at least a few for my next experience. Thank you Amy, you really do provide service of epic proportion.

-Mr Meaty


Air Force Amy – Certified Sexologist, ACS


To ME!

Congratulations and welcome to The American College of Sexologists International.

Your membership certificate indicating your status as Certified Sexologist effective March 2, 2015 has been shipped to you via United States Postal Service’s Priority Mail, this week.

You are encouraged to use the letters ACS following your name and degree(s) to indicate your professional expertise and membership in The American College of Sexologists International.

Thank you for your membership in The American College of Sexologists International and accept the enclosed custom pin, which will be a great conversation starter at any occasion.

Feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.

Very truly yours, Ava Cadell, Ph.D., Ed.D., DACS

President American College of Sexologists International



★ ☆ ✮ I See Couples and Ladies Too! ★ ☆ ✮

What on earth could be underneath that hat?
Dear Ladies,

Please know that I completely dig other women and In am especially in tuned to a “first-timers” apprehensions and sensitivities.

I know how romantic we all are at heart and I am completely aware how “monumental’ such an experience is, but I can put such a spin into it that no one feels pressured.

You’ll never feel like “Gee, I can’t screw this up’ or “I’m so ashamed of my body” .  I am mature enough and and I am completely non judgmental.  I have some excellent techniques in helping us get over “body image” issues if you might be interested in something like that.

You can expect no pressure to perform in any way. I’ll be completely at your service. I’ll appreciate you as a woman and the sexual Goddess you are, if not only for the reason you had the guts to “go through with it”.

The lady lays down the rules. Sometimes it’s an “Anything goes- complete all on – get it on- three ways!” Woo-hoo!!

Maybe the lady just wants to experience another woman with or without reciprocation and the man is “off limits”.

Often times I’m asked to show a particular technique be demonstrated on one or both of the partners.

Sometimes what you thought you would be OK with kind of strikes a nerve–I’ll pick up on that and change direction and everything’s’ still real cool.

Sometimes I get a couple of “ringers” and we go at it like mad, and knock each other’s socks off until we are all useless for the next two days!

I’ve been known to host couples for an entire weekend. 

I recommend activities, dining, sight seeing, shopping, golf, resorts, hotels, casinos – the works. Some times I accompany and play hostess and travel guide all the while we all have our own little secret between us. Tee hee.

One thing I do know for sure is that, no matter what, you will leave feeling sexier than ever–fully confident, proud and with a renewed passion for your sex life–and no one has to know how you did it, and you don’t owe me anything once you leave.

There are no strings attached unless you want them. If you do, then I am glad to stay in touch with my new “Bedroom buddies”. It’s kind of really cool for you to have someone you can actually discuss your sex life with no judgment on my part at all.

It only stands to reason I would charge twice as much for two people; however, that doesn’t seem to be the case with me. For some reason, I feel uncomfortable negotiating strongly with women so what I’ve been doing is charging the man for a “no rules/no restrictions” party while the woman is free.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. May “The Force”, Air Force Amy, “Be with you Soon”!