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Can sex over 50 be ‘the BEST’ of your life? Air Force Amy, the expert, thinks so!


IT IS widely accepted that sexual activity diminishes as you enter your senior years.

Maintaining a thriving sex life into your 40s and throughout your 50s can present challenges, which many may find discouraging.Decreased libido, erectile dysfunction and faltering physical fitness can all contribute to a tougher time between the sheets.

But sex over 50 doesn’t have to be an unexplored no-go zone.

In fact, sexual activity in your senior years may rival that of your youth.

Being intimate is ageless.

Sex at 70 or 80 may not be the emotional and physical whirlwind it may have been at 20; on the contrary, it can be even more amazing.

As we grow older our self awareness and self confidence often increases and people generally know what works best for them when it comes to sex.

Sex has the power to improve mental and physical health by burning fat and prompting the release of endorphins which make you feel happy, thus reducing anxiety and stress.

A good sex life can add years to your life because of the benefits it gives to health.”

Here are some top tips for making sex in your 50s the best of your life.

Don’t be afraid to seek help Many older people turn away from sexual encounters as they age because they worry about sex for a variety of reasons.

Don’t let embarrassment get in the way when some problems can be solved simply and quickly.

Medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hormonal problems, depression or anxiety can all have an impact upon sexual desire but strategies can be put in place to combat these issues. Some medications can inhibit sexual response such as sexual desire, ability to become aroused and orgasmic function but many of these can be easily overcome by switching to an alternative medication with fewer side effects.Communicate 

As bodies and feelings change over the age of 50, it is even more important to communicate with your partner about your fears, desires and thoughts.Speaking openly about sex may feel uncomfortable but it can bring you and your partner closer together and make sex more pleasurable.

Just talking about sex can make you feel sexy, whether it is gentle teasing using humour or discussing new ideas you’d like to try.

Stay intimate

A good sex life at any age isn’t just about the physical act of sex, it is also about intimacy and touch, both of which can benefit anyone. By letting go of expectations of what your sex life should be like, you are more likely to improve your sex life.

Starting with a romantic dinner or breakfast or sharing romantic or erotic literature and poetry before lovemaking is a powerful way to connect with each other.

Holding hands or touching your partner often and telling them what you love about them will build your connection. Avoid criticising your partner, focusing on the positive way they make you feel, rather than assigning blame.

Optimise your diet, exercise and health Being physically fit will improve your sex drive and health by promoting circulation, strengthening bones and building muscle. Exercising together can help you encourage each other and reinforce your relationship, bringing you both together.

Exercise can also change your body shape enhancing your confidence and therefore your sexual appeal to your partner.

Don’t give up 

Don’t give up hope if none of your efforts work. Your doctor can often diagnose the problem and recommend suitable treatments or refer you to a sex therapist who can help you explore issues that may be blocking your path to leading a fulfilling sex life.

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Are you in a sexless marriage? There is hope. I can help!

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Suffering in a sexless marriage can be lonely and isolating.

We live in a sex negative world. Even though images of sexy people are plastered everywhere –we really don’t support healthy sexual expression. What does “healthy sexual expression” even look like you may wonder? There are so many messages that sex is “nasty” why would you want to do it with the person you love most in the world—your beloved spouse and the parent of your children?But we need sex. People who have sex frequently have better immune systems, stress response, and lower blood pressure. Sex burns calories, tones muscles and promotes the flow of oxytocin, which when released during orgasm helps increase connection, empathy and bonding. So let’s have great sex with our spouses to improve our health and strengthen our marriages!

Here’s a few ideas:

– Identify the source of the problem: Relationships are multi-faceted. You may be very well matched in many areas but atrophied sexually. Cultural beliefs, past trauma, workaholism, drinking, body image issues can all drive a wedge between you and your spouse. Try to identify the origin of the problem. Resist the urge to hang it all on one of you. Marriages are interdependent—pinpoint what your pattern is together.

– Get a counselor to sort it out: The very act of going to a therapist office and asking for help says “we are committed to making changes.” Find a safe space to sort out your issues.

– Schedule Sex – Don’t Wait for Sexual Arousal: It can be a challenging to let go of the myth that great sex happens spontaneously. Maybe it did before kids, hectic careers and schedules. But now sex needs to be put in your calendar like working out or grocery shopping.

– Lower your standards.:Yes—you read that correctly. Sex with our spouse can be so loaded with expectations of perfection, fulfillment, being the perfectly happy connected married couple. Do you remember having amazing sex with someone you were casually dating? When the stakes are low this can actually free you up to cut loose. Is there a way to capture that abandon with your spouse?

– Explore the forbidden: Can you share your sexual fantasies and erotic life with your spouse? Test the waters. Trying to have politically correct sex kills the erotic charge. I am not suggesting you do anything that goes against your value system—but fantasies are rarely politically correct. I am an ardent feminist—yet I love being a submissive in the bedroom. I don’t want to be dominated at the workplace or in the kitchen! But that’s the point of sexual charge—it’s often surprisingly contrary to our self-perceptions. Can you play with your taboo feelings together?

– Get your sexual needs met elsewhere: Considering that there is a lot of cheating already happening, is it possible to make honest straightforward agreements about sex? Why would you want to take this risk? Taking the pressure off of each other can actually do several positive things. It can remove the inflammation between you. Now there is a choice. This may allow space to rekindle sexual desire. Also, your spouse may surprise you by either changing or by giving you their blessing. You might create an honest arrangement that allows both of you to get what you need. It can be done.

Whatever you do, keep in mind a dearth of sex can happen in the best of marriages. Explore what is possible for you and your spouse—and don’t give up!

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