Knowledge in the bedroom is a courtesy to your partner(s) – and a gift to yourself.

Show that you care.

Too many men assume they are the cat’s meow in the bedroom, while the truth of the matter is – everyone could use a little more “grooming”.

There is no shame in seeking the advice of a professional when it comes to measuring your sexual prowess. Who better to choose than someone who is certified in sexology and sexual therapy, like myself?

Statistically, your significant other is not going to communicate her desires, nor will she critique your prowess – even after many years of intimacy with you. While this may come across as a shock or may actually hurt to hear, she isn’t doing this to spite you. Truthfully, she doesn’t want to risk hurting your relationship or making you believe you don’t know what she wants.

A store that takes no inventory is doomed to fail.  A man that knows not the true measure of his intimate capacity is doomed to suffer an insignificant sex life, as are his partners.

Trust me on this one – as the world’s most consummate professional, the world’s most celebrated sex professional, and the most formally educated (in the realm of human sexuality) legal courtesan in all of  Nevada’s legal brothels, I’m the most experienced and most respected legal courtesan of all time.

Trust me to gently give you ideas to raise your game and become the true bedroom Casanova that all women dream of – one who will cause women to beg to be with you again and again.

So, where do we begin? Something as small or insignificant as adjustments to where you are placing your weight, your mouth, or your hands could make all the difference in the world – and send your performance skyrocketing from “tolerable” to “incredible”.

Let me guide you and show you how to instruct a woman to better serve you in the bedroom in ways you both will love.

Let me show you how to give erotic massages in many different ways with many different effects that will blow her mind.  I’ll show you what women want and how to get women to do everything you fantasize – no fetish or kink is out of the question.

Whether you embark on this educational journey alone or with your significant other, there is no better or longer lasting gift that you can give.

From newly-weds, to empty-nesters, and every person in-between, what I can show you in a matter of hours will improve your sex life and be the gift that keeps on giving. With me, you’ll tap into a lifetime of sexual satisfaction.

The only insignificant or silly question is the question that goes unasked. Nothing is off-limits; I personally and thoughtfully reply to all inquiries with as much heart as if you were standing right in front of me, pouring out your heart and soul.

There is no time like the present. All good ideas start with a desire

So – do you desire a full, exciting, thrilling and rewarding sex life?

Knowledge is power.  Show yourself and your partner(s) that you care.

Email me now with any and all questions.

Written by Air force Amy. Copyright 2019