National Bubble Bath Day!

Yes, that is a thing, National Bubble Bath Day, January 8th!

And it is not as silly as it might seem.  After a little more thought, perhaps we DO need a day of national recognition to remind us of the benefits of bubble baths.

I am very fortunate to have the luxury of bubbles baths incorporated into my “work” routine.  I’ve always said I get all my love and affection with my clients.  I can amend that to say I get all my bubble baths with my clients too!

I can’t remember the last time (well, I do, but it was very long time ago) that I took a bubble bath by myself at home. I’m willing to bet that you cannot remember the last time you took a bubble bath either.

Bubble baths are such an unsung hero and we do love them so much because they are so relaxing yet we rarely take the time to enjoy their loveliness.

Something magical happens when you slip into a tub filling with water as hot as you can handle (add jets, much better). As soon as you add the bubble bath and the fragrance fills the air, the jets are swirling so the warm waters embrace your body and the bubbles begin to rise, you know you have now entered the “me time” zone.

The bubble bath gives you permission to escape and allows your mind to relax while the heat works it’s way into your bones. The stress of the day dissolves.

Although I add all the bells and whistles to a bubble bath supreme with me, you don’t have to add the candles, the foot massage, the scalp massage, the bodies slipping into each each, the footsie play and snuggling under bubbles with me to enjoy a simple bubble bath at home.

Draw a bath at home, add bubbles, let the bubbles begin to overflow the tub and watch how you are immediately thrown back to a childhood memory of how fun and risky it was to overflow the bath with bubbles.

Hooray for National Bubble Bath Day!  Even if only to remind us all how truly wonderful a bubble bath may be.

I was thrilled to enjoy this very bath and photo shoot at a Las Vegas Estate.

Happy to help.

Those with the means are encouraged to contact me for more information on your own bubble bath adventure with me!