Get Harder, Last Longer with Air Force Amy

Are you on any medications that may be interfering with your erection? If not, I hate to say it, but it might just be age and believe it or not – lack of use. I hate to be blunt, but there it is.

The great news is that there is hope!!

You can start by doing what I call “Kegel exercises for your cock”. You can search that same phrase on Youtube and find the exercises you need.  Google these terms: Kegel Exercises For Men – How To Last Longer in Bed With Kegel Exercise | Male Kegeling

Here are a couple that I like.

2.  I also highly recommend Cialis, a Rx you would need to get from your doctor. I have clients in their late seventies and 80’s that use this “erection in a pill” and it really, really works better than the hundreds of other male enhancement rip offs that are available.

OR you may still have the erection and endurance you wish for but just couldn’t muster up in the last years of your marriage. Your thoughts and your visual stimulants control the majority of your erection.

Email me and tell me how this worked for you, ok?  Thanks!

Air Force Amy is the ONLY certified Clinical Sexologist, Sex Educator, Loveologist, and Sex Therapist to have practiced in any and all of Nevada’s most notable legal brothels. She is the most celebrated legal courtesan in the world. With 30 years of experience, Amy is an advocate of a sex positive society and your ultimate authority on sex and relationships. Follow @airforceamy on Twitter @theairforceamy on Instagram and TheAirForceAmy on Facebook and the Air Force Amy Youtube Channel.