Why I am The BEST sex you will ever have!

OK, so why is my sex the best you will ever have? Well one of many, many reasons is that I have developed control over every muscle in my body and I am talking every muscle!

Think about it, cheek muscles that massage, pulsate, inhale, glide and tumble you between my tongue that does push ups and curls for you as it mounts, maneuvers and tosses your member around my mouth. You fill my mouth and I enjoy the feel of your veins pumping all that erection juice to your swollen tool while every single muscle in my mouth, lips and throat attend to all the erotic stimulation points you never even knew you had. My tireless tongue and mouth toss, flutter and guide you to my waiting open throat that you to try to choke with your love muscle and alas you find my throat is an entirely new thrill ride that you barely understand what is happening. I caress and roll over the ridges, I stroke, massage, and exercise my throat muscles that now toss your love gun around like a gum ball and suck that semen right out of you and down my deep throat. It’s crazy, it’s phenomenal, it’s not of this world – my fellatio is that of the Gods.

I know how to adjust the two of us to just the right angles for optimum pleasure. I go at your speed and then I rev it up a bit and then I drop a totally incredible mind blowing move on you. You and I waver between explosion and stellar bliss, your head is swimming and not really attached to your body. I get you so incredibly sensitive to touch and I cover the whole body and pleasure point in my treasure trove of intimate knowledge. I have so many sexual gifts and skills that you seriously have to experience me for yourself.

It’s been said that I can squeeze the condom off a cigar, tie a bow on it and leave at your front door before you get home – no hands!

Hey, you can’t do this as long as I have and not come up with an arsenal intimate prowess. I am the Ultimate Authority on Sexual Adventures. I am the best sex you will ever have!

Not only have I developed my talents throughout the years, I was actually born with an unnatural gift and uncanny knowledge of sexual pleasures.

Now, this is just the tiniest sample of what I have to offer. Book your appointment and come see me to experience my amazing skills.

Rest assured the rest of my body and mind are truly as spectacular as my upside down, backwards deep throat, fuck my face, swallow your cum blow job. Contact me now!


Air Force Amy is industry icon. She is proclaimed a “Living Legend in the World of Sex” and the late great Dennis Hof reverently referred to her as “The Michael Jordan of Sex”.

Air Force Amy is an 11 time Bunny of The Year recipient, and has been featured in over thirty men’s and mainstream magazines, many times as the centerfold and covergirl. She is the most prolific and publicized legal sex worker on the planet. Air Force Amy delivers the most award winning services every year.

Already the most popular entertainer at the Bunnyranch, Air Force Amy gained international fame and became a household name as a result of being the most endearing cast member on the highly acclaimed HBO series, “Cathouse” which aired over thirty episodes on late night cable TV. Air Force Amy is synonymous to the Bunnyranch and now The Chicken Ranch, the number one legal sex destination in the world. Amy has consistently raised the bar in her industry.