Virgin Testimonials

Wabbit Hunter wrote:
Well, for what it’s worth, AFA took my virginity…at…well, let’s just say at a very “advanced” age.

I planned a trip to the ranch for several months to “take care of some unfinished business” and I decided to make an appointment with Amy based on what I what had heard online. Though I admit, the temptation while waiting at the bar was tough (just seeing a woman a beautiful as Karen is PROOF there must be a superior being…OMG I saw her right out of the shower and I can tell you all, she is a pure beauty…already thinking about my next visit…) All I can say is Amy is a total sweetheart and if you make it to the ranch you will not regret choosing her.. She is totally HOT too…though I’m not a breast man, I have to admit they are beautiful…but wow, she has amazing legs…oh, and what a butt…and…if you start licking her leg and work all the way up…you will not be disappointed….

Based on what I have read here on the board, there are a lot of great bunnies, but if you are a virgin, I am convinced there is NO ONE who will take better care of you than Amy… I was lucky enough to spend a few hours with her and she was amazing. It wasn’t about the money…it wasn’t even about the sex… I am a total cynic…but for 2+ hours I honestly believe that in HER mind Amy was my girlfriend…and all she wanted to do was please me…

If you are a virgin I would recommend you let her know… She had no problem “taking me by the hand” and leading me through everything. After the relatively painless negotiations were over she immediately went to work at showing me the time of my life. I can’t even describe the feeling as she undid my pants and took me in her mouth (and although I was a virgin it was not my first BJ)… Then she layed me back on the bed and…well, lets just say I’m not a virgin anymore…

The best part of it all though was tasting her sweet juices…especially playing doctor as she was spread open in the gyno stirrups… OMG… Just thinking about that is getting me all excited….wow…I have to get out there again…and maybe try out that doggie bench this time too…

Anyway, for anyone thinking about it Amy is THE BEST… I have to admit part of the reason I’m writing about it here is so I can relive that moment in my mind… She will always have a special place in my heart…and uhhh, well, other places too

Thanks Amy… I should have PM’ed you to let you know how much it meant to me…but…well, obviously if I was good at this sort of thing I probably wouldn’t have still been a virgin…hahahaha…
Anyway, Luv ya… You da best…

Air Force Amy
Having watched too many romance movies over the years, I have always had the belief that I would find my soul-mate, fall in love, and lose my virginity with my one true love. Unfortunately, I have had the misfortune of being overweight all my life, which has left me with low self-esteem and terrible shyness with women. I found myself still being a virgin at age 33 and with no sight of my soul-mate to be found anywhere. Fortunately, I have been able to lose 150 pounds over the last 2 years. Not only has this done wonders for my health, but for my self-esteem as well. Having an opportunity to visit Reno this past week on business, I decided to “take the bull by the horns” and give myself an early birthday present for my upcoming 34th birthday in December.

I became instantly attracted to Air Force Amy when I saw her on the HBO Cathouse special of the Bunnyranch. Not only was she incredibly beautiful, but I loved her personality and how she really seemed to love what she is doing. So, a few e-mails and one very nervous phone call later, I had an appointment to see Amy this past Tuesday night. After my 4 hour drive to Reno, I shaved, showered and made myself presentable for my visit. The drive to the Bunnyranch went a bit quicker than I expected, and I arrived earlier than my appointment time. Things had gone so fast up until this point that I had no time to get nervous. As I sat in my car collecting my thoughts, I started to get nervous and question my decision to come. Fortunately, my pent-up virgin energy overtook my nerves, and before I knew it, I was at the Bunnyranch gate getting buzzed in.

I nervously told the woman at the door that I had an appointment to see Air Force Amy, and was told I could wait at the bar. As I sat at the bar, my eyes wandered around the room checking out the many beautiful women. Dennis has created a great establishment. My eye wandering came to a complete halt the minute I saw Amy approaching in a stunning pink outfit. I must say, Amy is even more beautiful in person and my jaw must have dropped to the floor when I first saw her, because I was at a loss for words. After a warm hello hug, we talked for a while before we got our drinks and Amy took me for a tour of the facilities (featuring a very large trampoline used for segments of “The Man Show”!) Before long, we made the trip down to Amy’s room at the end of the hall. Knowing this was my first time, she had the room romantically lit in red to make things more relaxing. After negotiating a 1 1/2 hour party, Amy was off to book it.

Since I was a novice, I knew Amy would have to take the lead to get things rolling, which she had no problem doing. Before I knew it, Amy had my complete attention while demonstrating her fantastic oral skills on me. My head started spinning when she seductively said, “I love to deep throat.”. I soon had to have her slow down as I knew I wouldn’t last long the first time. She climbed on top of me and rode me like a jockey until we both came. After cleaning me up, we layed and cuddled for a while as I caught my breath. Next, Amy helped me relax somemore by giving me a very sensual full body massage. She gave the best massage I have ever received and I was very relaxed in no time! Amy eagerly accepted my offer to return the favor, and I slowly massaged her wonderful tan and very smooth body from head to toe. I can still smell the wonderful oil we used. By now my imagination was starting to run wild as I began to focus on Amy’s world class ass, so I asked her to roll over. My eyes nearly popped out of my head as Amy lay on the bed in front of me with her legs spread open. I had to know how this incredible woman tasted, and was very happy when she gladly let me try oral on her. Amy is extremely orgasmic, and was quick to let me know when I was doing something right. Trying a few techniques I have seen in too many porno films, I had Amy moaning and bucking to another orgasm. After catching her breath, she called me a “natural” and asked where I learned to do that. My only reply was “I have watched a lot of Adult films!”. I am glad to know something good rubbed off on me from all that viewing! Amy returned the favor by performing oral on me again, which soon turned into an unbelievable sixty-nine. I could have stayed in that position forever, but after Amy came again, we tried a few other positions. After doing a reverse cowgirl position for a while, I asked Amy to turn back around so I could see her beautiful face. Soon, we were putting her bed springs to the test as Amy was bouncing on me as if she was on the giant trampoline outside. Then the dreaded “time to renegotiate” call came. Unfortunately I was at my spending limit, but Amy didn’t rush me whatsoever, as she finished me off with a fantastic hand-job that puts G.I. Joe’s Kung-Fu grip to shame. After cleaning up and getting dressed, we went back to the lounge and talked for a while as I cooled off. Later, I had to head back to my hotel, so Amy gave me a big hug and kiss goodbye, and I made the trip back to Reno with thoughts of my wonderful time running through my head.

Air Force Amy was more than I could have ever imagined. I know she is more known for her wild side, but she has a very soft, gentle and romantic side as well. Not only did she make me feel very comfortable from the start, but she did wonders with my self-esteem and made me feel like a porn star. Although it was not cheap, I feel the time I spent with Amy was well worth it. Air Force Amy is a sexy, sweet and very orgasmic Angel. Thank you for teaching this grateful virgin so many things and for making my first time one that I will never forget. I have a giant grin on my face and plenty of vivid memories to hold me over as I collect my pennies for my next visit!

Boy was I scared!
Two friends and I drove in from Vegas with the intent to lose my cherry. I’m 20 and have lived overseas most of my life and have not had any sexual experiences. That changed with Air Force Amy.

I had heard about Amy before hand (from the HBO special) and was hoping she would be available – She was! I told Amy this was my first time and we quickly and easily negotiated a two hour party (unlimed cums!) At first I thought I would cum as soon as I got my pants off, but to my surprise (and embarassment) I was not hard at first. Amy was sweet and gentle and said not to worry that I would get hard as I relaxed. We took a quick shower..I laid down on the bed and Amy came over with a big smile (and those big hooters!!) and in no time at all I was ready to go!

Amy was exceptional. My two hours flew by and I came three times. Amy you are THE BEST EVER!!!!
Thanks for making my first time so special.

Love always,
First Timer (from Nashville – remember me)

A year ago I found myself a 20 year old virgin
and at the front door to the Bunny Ranch. It was a Friday afternoon and not yet crowded. I did not know who Amy was, but there she was -beautiful with a smoking hot body and the brightest smile you have ever seen. We did the negotiation quickly and painlessly. I told Amy I was experienced, but she quickly realized I was a virgin. Amy could not have been more gentle or kind with me. At first I had trouble getting it up – Amy slowly and gently helped the process along (and it was HEAVEN!!) We then proceeded to have intercourse – I blew my load VERY quickly. Amy then took me (and joined me!) in the shower. We then had a drink and went back to her room for round two. This time we did it in a number of different positions and I have to say I had the time of my life. I just discovered this site and I want the world to know how beautiful, sexy and so so so worthwhile it is to spend some time with this wonderful woman who made me a man!!

Hi I just spent four days at the moonlight bunny ranch.
I was a virgin for way too long but Ms Air Force Amy was more than willing to help me with my problem. I first made a appointment online to be sure I met this amazing women, she is smoking hott. If anybody needs to see what she looks like well just check out the bunnyranch website. Well i entered the ranch and requested Amy and a few minutes later she was there. We went back to her room and I was a bit nervous but she was so nice that I forgot about it. I asked her numerous questions and she answered them with a smile. So we agreed on a party with Amy and Hedi 2 hott ladies and me sweet.. Next we got all the financial problems out of the way and the party was on. Both ladies were amazing Amy’s oral skills were my favorite but Hedi was great also. A little pussy licking some dogy style, missionary, and anal just some of the wonderful things these ladies were showing me. I had the best time for my first sexual experience both ladies were so nice and taught me all kinds of fun things. There was nothing awkward about it no huge train wreck these laides were amazing and sexy. They got me off once maybe twice it was kind of a blur so much fun it was hard to keep track of. I had two more parties with Amy and enjoyed every second of them. The last one was at 7:00 in the a.m. before my flight back home. She sent me on home with the bigest smile and can’t wait to get back to the bunnyranch again. Hopefully in two to three months. I will not discuss the money thing because everone is different this being stated I am not some huge muscle builder just your ordinary blue collar heavy set guy. I spent some cash and would do it again and again and again. She was quite reasonable with me and I had alot of fun over three Amy visits. I would recomend a party from both of these ladies alone or together, but i really liked Amy. Thanks again Amy and Hedi you ladies are the best.

Thanks for breaking me in!!!
Hi, AMY!!

I hope you get to reading this. I’m glad you reminded me. Remember me. This is the guy you de-virginized last August (8/28/13). WOW! I think I like this thing called SEX. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for a the best trip I’ve had to the Reno area in along time. I AM NOW A MAN!,LoL. I would especially like to thank SEXY Carrie.(I hope I got her name right. I am not good with names)She was extremely cute. I wish I had a picture of her as a souvenier like the autographed photo you gave me. That way I can always remember her. Can I have one Carrie if you are reading this,too? I absolutely promise it will not be seen by anyone else. I mean anyone. If not, I understand. I was thinking the other day, maybe I should’ve asked for a photo when I was there.Well, no matter what, at least say ‘hi’ to her for me. Anyway, Thanks, Amy, for teaching me all the fun stuff like eating pussyand how to sex you up and many positions. I still don’t believe that I am a natural at it. Oh, If you decide to use my name, it’s okay to use “Mike, R.” or something other of your chosing. Just don’t use my last name if you happen to rememeber it or see it. Well, I got to go. I’ll really try to cum back(get it..”cum” back..heehee)as soon as I have the time. I have a feeling that the second visit will be more fun because I won’t be so nervous. I just ordered your video “Cathouse” so I won’t forget you. Thanks again for the experience of a lifetime.

Love -Mike R.
(p.s.-Don’t forget to spend some quality time with your cats.)

The De-virginizer Delicacy.
Air Force Amy All I can say is…at last! I’ve always been a slow starter and though I’ve had plenty of girlfriends, I guess as with everything else, I was taking my time getting laid. Being 23 and a virgin is not the worst thing in the world, but I was starting to get a little nervous about the whole thing. You know, when was I gonna do it, who was I gonna do it with, should I tell the girl it was my first time, all those poopoo questions. I realized if I was going to do it, and God knows I wanted to do it, I needed a professional, and why not the living legend herself?

How many men such as I will really have the opportuniy to experience a truly living legend in their lifetimes? We are all very lucky to be alive and able to experience this magnificent and talented woman. Amy, I love you!

From the moment I laid eyes on Amy’s pictures, then when I emailed her, then spoke to her over the phone I felt at ease. Amy has this way of talking to you, of laughing with you, of asking just the right questions and never judging, never assuming that made me feel really comfortable. I mean, even if I wasn’t going to her for you-know-what she would still be a girl I’d like to meet.

She is so down to earth and patient and understanding and patient and understanding and patient and understanding. She must have answered a hundred of my questions over and over again and never even got frustrated with all my nervousness and repeated questions. She guided me all the way from Philly to her warm and comforting arms and breasts and legs and her inviting smile and lovely and sensual presence.

Never once did I feel embarrassed about being an amateur. So then I meet her… I don’t even know if we ever really talked about me being a virgin, really. I mean, she knew of course and there were a few moments when it did come up, but mostly Amy just treated me like an equal, like a friend really.

We laughed over drinks, we made-out a little, then she undressed and helped me explore that magnificent body of hers. My confidence went way up (that’s not the only thing that went way up!) when I got Amy to cum just by her showing where to touch and kiss her hold her and with what pressure and which way and so many pointers, I’m sure I’ll remember at least a few for my next experience.

Then it was my turn. She undressed me and took her time making me feel like a king, I never knew my body could respond like that. In fact, a few times she had to slow down a bit because I was getting close.

Then before I even realized it, we were doing it! At first my legs were wobbly like a newborn foal, but she had me up and bucking like a wild stallion in no time. It was like the most natural thing in the world, so easy. In that one instant it felt like the bigest weight rolled off my shoulders. Amy and I laughed more, she switched positions, the reverse cowgirl is now my favorite as it is hers, and we did it two more times until I was just exhausted.

The remainder of our time together we cuddled and joked like we were old friends and lovers. Almost all of my friends have commented on my attitude. They say I seem to have a new confidence and I really feel it to. I can’t wait to try the things I learned with Amy, I can’t wait to do it again.

And I can’t wait until I can plan another trip out to see my “DV delicacy”, my first, my mentor, my friend, my lover, my Airforce Amy.

Thank you Amy, you really do provide service of epic proportion.

I’m so glad to experience why you are such a legend in your time. I mean “really” how many people can say that their first time was with Air Force Amy?

I can see my pick up line to the ladies now: “I WAS TAUGHT HOW TO PERFORM FOR YOU IN BED BY THE FAMOUS AIR FORCE AMY.”

I’ll be able to get any lady I ever want to bed with me! Thank you Amy!