Air Force Amy Penthouse Feature

I was contacted by a “Penthouse’ magazine editor to give an interview to go along with my upcoming feature layout in “Penthouse Magazine”.

She wants to talk to me on the phone too, but this is what I told her so far…..

Profile Info:
Age Seriously?
Height 5’3″
Measurements (hips, waist, and bra size) 34 26 38DD
Home State (where you come from or where you consider ‘home’) I live in Dayton, NV on an Arnold Palmer Golf Course 10 minutes from the Bunnyranch
Time You’ve Worked at the Ranch 10+ years

How did you start working at the Bunny Ranch? I called Madam Suzette and asked if she had any openings. I showed up and got hired right on the spot.

What made you choose to go into this profession?

I chose to get into the legal brothel industry upon my honorable discharge from the USAF at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. I did not want to carry a gun for a living any longer. I thought that dressing glamorous and getting all dolled up to be more appealing than any other civil servant job I would be qualified for.

What was it like to start working there? Tell me a little bit about your early experiences. Were you nervous or intimidated, or did you feel right at home immediately? Were you ever nervous about the work you were doing, or was that a perfect fit for you?

I had already been really quite successful in the legal brothel industry prior to working at the Bunnyracnh. I had heard through the grapevine that the Moonlite Bunnyarnch had new ownership and that the girls were allowed to leave the property unlike the industry wide “lock down” conditions wherein working girls were required to stay on property at the legal brothels for weeks and months at a time.

I was ecstatic to be able to work and leave the property to go to real estate school at the same time.

I was an extremely motivated and quite popular and extremely busy little bunny right out the gate. The Bunnyranch was and remains perfect fit for me as I appreciate all the freedoms while I still have all the extreme work ethics instilled in me as well.
– customer service, customer satisfaction, respect, beauty, class, style; the traits of true courtesan.

How has sex changed for you since working at the Ranch? Were you always very sexual before this, or did the Ranch bring out your inner sex kitten? Do you enjoy sex more now since you’re more experienced, or do you not care about sex as much in your personal life since it’s now part of your job?

I’ve always been highly sexually charged. The legal brothel industry has allowed me to explore my own sexuality as well as to study a very wide range of sexual orientations full time. I love everything about sex, human touch, pleasure, entertaining and companionship. There are so many facets to all the aforementioned that there is always room for me to grow. I am like a sponge and a tap for all these beautiful things and experiences all at the same time.

I DO enjoy sex more now than ever. I have learned and experienced so many things that my life and my career are both true bliss for me. And, yes, I do orgasm very time!

What do you consider the best parts of your job at the Bunny Ranch? What things do you really love about being a Bunny? Is there anything you don’t enjoy, or that doesn’t live up to expectations?

I think one of the best parts of my job at the Bunnyranch is that I am so lucky and blessed to be able to touch so many lives with an endless supply of love and care. I truly and easily find so many things to love about all my clients that I really do fall in love every time!

Entertaining is a very rewarding experience for me. I’m not in the ‘biz just for the money. I love meeting new people, making new friends, dinner dates, seeing the sites, catching a show or a movie, companionship, great sex no strings attached and I also love and excell in raising my own bar as far as being the best “hostess with the most-est” and the number one most talented and caring courtesan of all time in the history of the world.

I also like cuddling, sleeping with and waking up in the arms of a man and doing it all over again. I love good conversation; laughter, good times, and making men and women feel good about themselves. I enjoy treating people nicely, being liked by people, and I especially love the afterglow of an experience with my clients-lovers-friends for days and (many times) years to come.

What do you consider your specialities or your areas of expertise? What do you offer that other girls may not? Are you more of a Girlfriend Experience girl, are you into kink?

I take pride in being the best in the biz and never cease to prove it. I became the best in the industry by lots of hard work, studying and consistently raising my own bar and perfecting all my skills in out of the bedroom and by my own never wanting to become bored, disenchanted or stale. Plus, my sexual drive and desire to do something good for others seems to increase every day.

Take me through a typical session with you, beginning to end. How do you get things started? What does a standard session involve? How does a date with you end?

There really isn’t a “typical” session. I cater each session to the gentleman’s desires and then add tons of my own experience to enhance his pleasure with his immediate desire always being fulfilled and then some. I like to refer people to the 100’s of reviews of my sessions at You really don’t have enough room in this article for me to write what a session with Air Force Amy is like.

Tell me about some of the strangest requests you’ve gotten from clients. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever been asked to do? Did you accommodate the client? What was the experience like for you?

I tend to think of unique requests as just that – unique and creative. Some of my more creative requests include breaking in the bed of a new pick up truck, my honking bicycle horns with a a happy ending at the same time, balloon play and I even had a client that liked to pull me around in a pony cart while he adorned a horse hair butt plug.

What’s something that clients may not be comfortable asking for but that is actually really normal?

You’d be surprised to find out how many men do not get oral sex or 69 at home. I, myself, am completely astounded and utterly amazed at how many sexless marriages there really are.

Tell me about some of the wildest parties you’ve been part of (maybe two or three, if they stand out for you). What made them so wild? Were you expecting things to get crazy or did it come as a surprise? Did you enjoy yourself as much as the client(s)?

The wildest parties always involve three or more bunnies to at least one guy. The money, the drinks, the sex, the juices, the laughter, the singing, the dancing, the inhibitions just run wild. They are kind of like a fraternity party gone wild with sex professionals at the helm and it is all good, clean, safe adult fun and no is going to jail or catching a disease.

What’s your favorite kind of client? My favorite kind of client is one that is open minded, polite as opposed to defensive and rude.

What kind of guy (or girl) walks into the bar at the Ranch and makes you think, “I want them”? That would have to be everyone. I have learned not to discriminate. There is always at least one thing about every person that I see or meet that I will love.

And how can a client make themselves stand out for you once you’re in the bedroom? Compliments and a good massage. I just melt from compliments and massages.

What are your personal preferences? Are there some things you prefer over others? If a client came in and said that everything was up to you, what would you want to do? Talk, laugh, dance, sing, listen to music, have fun, play, orgasm, learn something new, relax, travel, explore, pamper, cuddle.

What have you learned from your time at the Ranch? Don’t sweat the small stuff, it’s all small stuff. Don’t take upsets personally. Be curious. Savor memories. Don’t judge. Always be kind, polite, helpful and grateful. Enforce boundaries. Work, work, work. Save money. All things in moderation.

What are your top sex tips for women? How can they make their men lust after them the way men lust after you? What about your tips for men? How can a guy ensure that a woman like you will say yes to him and will keep coming back for more?

Take care of your health and your body. Eat a well balanced diet and exercise. Compliment your partner. Know you and your partner’s body and mind turn ons and turn offs. Never withhold sex as a form of punishment. Gently tell your partner what turns you on, what turns you off and what you would like to try differently and additionally. Have fun. Don’t be afraid. If sex becomes a chore, quickly find out why and fix it so it becomes enjoyable and fun.