A brand new interview! AIR FORCE AMY

1. What brought you to the Ranch and why did you want to be an Legal Coutesan?

I was being honorably discharged from the USAF at Nellis AFB near Las Vegas NV and I didn’t have a job or housing lined up so I ventured an hour’s drive out to the legal brothels in Pahrump. I figured I could make a lot of money and have a place to stay too. I had so much fun and met so many of my goals so quickly that I decided to stay a little longer and little longer and now I covet the most successful legal courtesan career of all time.

2. What is the most fun thing about your job?

Every day is full of surprises and I really have a super, super fun job. The most fun is the laughter and good times I share with both my coworkers and clients. Even more fun are my screaming, mind blowing orgasms. I am extremely orgasmic, and yes, I do orgasm every time! You know how good that makes you feel day after day on the pink cloud with the sex after glow. A constant barrage of happiness and sexual highs is really some of the best fun anyone can have. I wish everyone on earth could be me for a week. We’d have the happiest planet in the Universe!

3. What is the least favorite thing you have to do?
Pay taxes.

4. Do you enjoy sex with the customers?

Oh yes, I absolutely enjoy sex with my customers. I am a giver and a receiver. I manage to find a connection with every one of my clients. It’s real easy for me to get turned on because I really enjoy sex, and sexual variety. I just love meeting people and making new friends. Also I am boy crazy and over sexed too. I just love the variety each man brings to the table and every experience is personally crafted by me to make each one special, unique and way more than anything we ever bargain for. Also, I just have the magic touch to make both of our needs intertwine. And the beauty of that is my clients get a real boost of confidence because they are able to pleasure me and in turn my sexual prowess is most often described as the best sex they have ever had too.

5. Do you like oral sex with customers?

Yes, shall I describe why my BJ’s are the best? How graphic can I get? I have a signature “upside down backwards blow job” wherein I allow clients to fuck my face and I deep throat at the same time while opening and closing my throat and flicking my tongue at the same time. It is mind blowing! I also love, love, love cunninlingus. I have been blessed with an oversized protruding clitoris and I am so very easily pleased for hours on end. Yes, I absolutely love oral sex with customers. Very much so.

a. Giving or receiving? Both

6. Do most customers just come for sex or do they want compani

Most customers want more than just sex. I provide good, clean, safe sex; the best sex you will ever have – on their terms – no strings attached. But I have seen a shift in society and the needs of a man are more than a roll in the hay. The 21st century man is looking for several things in addition to sex and companionship. Service before the sale such as social media interaction, sexting and my personal touch in making a connection and crafting a unique, extraordinary experience that is genuine and authentic which does involve as much or as little companionship as is desired and on their terms. My clients all say they enjoy my undivided attention, my complete devotion to them, putting their needs before mine. They enjoy my ability to hold a conversation and listen patiently to their needs and concerns. My understanding and complete lack of judgment is very much appreciated too. They also like my feminine touch and they never feel like just another number with me. And although they enjoy the technical and social media connections with me, what they are really after is a lovely and interesting companion with no ulterior motives, a friend, a confidante, a lover, a guide, a cheerleader, an ear, a cuddle, something new and someone that cares about them. And also the safety factor. Safety because it so difficult to connect or know what you are actually connecting with online. Visiting me and employing my talents and my company at the Bunnyranch, a licensed and legal brothel in Nevada, puts the safety into the equation of enjoying the company of a courtesan without any worries at all.

7. Have you ever had a relationship with a customer outside of work?

I have many, many clients that I have been seeing for over ten years. Our relationships have lasted so long because we have not broken the golden rule of legal prostitution – do not see clients outside of the legal brothel.

8. Have you ever done porn?

No, but I did have sex on camera for the HBO series, “Cathouse”. I was featured in many, many sex scenes over the course of 11 years and 13 seasons. Two of the episodes were dedicated entirely to me. I’ve been featured in over thirty men’s as well as main stream magazines such as Playboy, Hustler, Maxim and the New Yorker.

9. Can you make a lot of money being a Legal Escort Girl?

Yes. It isn’t for everyone and the money isn’t as quick as you might think. Many gals come to work at the legal brothels expecting to make thousands and thousands of dollars on their first day or first week and give up and even get angry that they don’t. It used be that there was a ton of foot traffic to the legal brothels, but that was before the internet. I do a mostly online, off site business now, and my potential for clients is much more immense than foot traffic. I work in commissioned sales, and I attract and maintain clients much like a real estate agent. The harder and more consistently I work and the more clients I retain (make happy with extraordinary experiences); the more money I will make. It’s like any other profession in that you get out of it what you put into it. I have put my whole life, heart and soul into my profession and it has paid me back very handsomely.

10. Do you ever do group sex? Yes, of course.

a. How does that work? What are the rules?

I have several types of group sex experiences I deliver most often. I offer two girl parties, wherein myself and one of my lovely coworkers make love to the client but we don’t make love to each other. A two girl party happens when myself and a coworker make love to the client and each other. I see lots of couples and in those experiences there are as many variables as there are couples. In my couples experiences I allow the lady to make the rules and change them any way she wants to anytime throughout the experience. Any rules ever put in place are for everyone’s satisfaction, comfort and safety. Otherwise, it’s balls to the walls erotic fun, experimentation, education and thrills.

11. Do guys ever ask you to perform anal sex on them?

Yes, nowadays it is more commonly known or referred to as “pegging” and that occurs when I use a dildo for anal penetration and that act is on many, many more bucket lists than you might imagine. Pegging is a buzz word right now and lot’s of guys (and gals) are trying it and loving it. Simple anal play is another favorite, that is when I just tap and tease the anus and guys love that too. I am very skilled, talented and educated in the area of anal play and I highly encourage either researching this topic before trying it or just leave it in the hands of a professional like me. I have no qualms whatsoever about anal play. I love opening new realms and levels of sexual play in people’s lives regardless their current level and I do that in a very safe, patient, experienced, educated, certified and fun loving manner.

12. Do you prefer couples or single customers and why?

I don’t have a preference. I appreciate that the scope of the legal brothel industry has grown to include couples. I applaud the women for their courage and open mindedness. I applaud all my clients for the effort they make to see. I appreciate all my clients for their wisdom, their courage, their open mindedness, their effort and their trust and faith in me and also their kindness, generosity and friendship. And all the good times and orgasms we have too.

13. If you weren’t doing this, what would you like to do for a living?

Professional mainstream comedic actor . (with lots and lots of friends with benefits).

14. Were you close to Dennis Hof, how are things going now that he so sadly passed away at the age of 72 on Oct 16, 2019?

Yes, I was very close to Dennis Hof. We were business partners plus! We learned an enormous amount from each other to take the legal brothel business and the Bunnyranch, in particular, to what often referred to as “From guilt and shame to glamour and fame.” He taught me a great deal about business and about life. Dennis,  and the Bunnyranch was the family I chose and they were very special to me. Dennis taught me to be a business woman within a business. I felt respected, safe and protected as a business partner and mentor of Dennis Hof. He implemented an innumerable amount of amenities and policies per the request of us ladies, and especially me, and that validated me and my intelligence. I liked that a lot. I miss him deeply, we all do, and I only wish we could have carried on in the manner in which we were taught. We were a powerful force of girl power loving what we do and doing it with love and fun. Madam Suzette is now the COO and things just didn’t work out for and actually it became a very hostile and dangerous place to work.  I am very, very, very happy at the ChickenRanch now where I am again respected, valued and cared about.

15. How does someone go about seeing you?

I work exclusively at the world famous Chickenranch near Las Vegas, NV. The first and best thing to do is email me. I personally answer all my own emails at airforceamy@chickenranchbrothel.com and my official website www.airforceamy.com gives all the specifics and has tons of information and photos and interesting articles too.