It’s been 15 years since Air Force Amy began portraying herself as a legal prostitute over the span of 11 years on the HBO reality show called “Cathouse” about The Bunnyranch, a legal brothel in Nevada.

HBO quit filming at the Bunnyranch around the year 2012.  Air Force Amy was on medical hiatus because of  a botched spinal surgery that left her left arm paralyzed with a not so uncommon condition called C5 Palsey.  It was therefore generally believed that Air Force Amy retired from legal prostitution in 2011.

Air Force Amy regained use of her paralyzed left arm and returned to work as a legal prostitute at the Bunnyranch in January 2013.

Air Force Amy subsequently returned to her stature as “Master of the Game” at the Bunnyranch and she remains the most popular and most sought after legal courtesan in modern times.

Air Force Amy expanded her realm of that as merely the finest courtesan to ever live to also encompass several formal educational degrees in the fields of human sexuality and love, sex and interpersonal relations coaching and educator.

One might wonder what such a seasoned and experienced veteran of the sex industry – a literal living legend might look like at this stage in the game.  The answer is she looks drop dead gorgeous.  Unbelievably timeless.  Air Force Amy’s beauty inside and out is astonishing.

Air Force Amy is still available at the World Famous Bunnyranch.  The rest of this website is dedicated to providing you more information about all Air Force Amy and what you might expect and how to connect and see Air Force Amy at the Bunnyranch, a legal brothel, near Carson City, NV.